Why having that calm and peaceful mind is the natural state of our being

If you have heard about my story, you have heard about the anxiety I began to experience in my last year in the university.

The anxiety that I was experiencing went to the point when I experienced my first and second anxiety attack. At that time I thought that this experience was the worst experience of my life, yet later I began to see how it ended up been one of the biggest gifts that I have received.


Because I finally learned to look to a new direction. I finally learned to shift my focus from the kind of thinking that was causing me stress and anxiety to the kind of thinking that was allowing me to live my life in peace.

I began to experience more of my true nature, and that calm an peaceful state of mind that is the natural state of our being.

Whenever we experience stress, anxiety or any other negative feeling we are caught up in our thinking in the moment and don’t recognize the true source of our experience.

For me it truly looked like my outside circumstances were creating my experience. I thought that I felt the way I did because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future and because I was not at all where I wanted to be in my life when it came to love and relationships.

My insight however, that I experienced in the midst of my anxiety attack, allowed me to see something different.

It allowed me to recognize how my anxious thoughts and feelings in the moment had nothing to do with the reality. I simply saw how I’d be fine. I saw how I’d always be fine no matter of my experience and no matter of the kind of thoughts and feelings I was experiencing in the moment — And no matter if my thoughts and feelings were telling me something different.

That was the beginning for me recognizing what is the true source of our experience. I began to see how there was always this link between our thoughts and feelings and how my experience was always thought-created.

I was living in the feeling of my thinking.

An anxious thought was always followed by an anxious feeling and a peaceful thought on the other hand was always followed by a peaceful feeling.

This recognition of mine didn’t mean that I needed to change my thinking or begin to think more positively in order for me to live a more positive life, no. But what it simply meant was that the more I began to understand how life really worked, the more my understanding and awareness about life deepened, the more I began to naturally find myself living in this beautiful state of peace and calm.

The more my understanding deepened, the less caught up I got in my stressful, anxious thinking (and therefore also feelings) and the more I began to find myself in these beautiful feelings.

The more I began to find myself in the feeling of the natural state of our being.

Why having that calm and peaceful state of mind is the natural state of our being?

Because it’s in that state where we are able to see things more as they truly are, when we are less caught up in our thinking. And it’s also the state where we always come back to as soon as we let go of our thinking in the moment and allow our mind to calm down and relax.

It’s the state where we are all designed to thrive and live our beautiful lives in. And the only thing that can ever take us away from there is we ourselves. When we don’t recognize that we are not experiencing the life out there, but our experience is always brought to us through the power of thought.

And no matter how caught up we might get in our thinking we always return back to this natural state of ours, whether we recognize this or not. As soon as we let go of our thinking and allow our mind to relax, even if it’s only for a moment, we are always drawn back to this natural state of our being, which is peace and understanding.

The closer our perception is to the reality, the more we understand the inside-out nature of our experience and how thought is the creative source behind our experience, the more we begin to find ourselves in this natural state of our being and enjoy these beautiful feelings that are awakened from within.

And there’s nothing we need to do for allowing this to happen. We just need to identify ourselves less with our thinking and sink more into the feeling of who we truly are.

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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