Does an open heart make us more vulnerable?

Does an open heart make us more vulnerable?

Does an open heart make us more vulnerable?

Sometimes you may hear people saying that having an open heart makes us more vulnerable.

It’s not safe to open our hearts just to anyone.

This used to be my experience as well.

However at that time I didn’t really understand what an open heart meant.

I hadn’t embodied the feeling the way I have embodied it today.

Whenever we feel like it’s not safe to open up and open our hearts we are caught up in a belief.

We are caught up in a belief that tells us that our feelings of safety is dependent on the other person.

That the feelings of love and happiness that we experience are dependent on other people.

Whether they accept us or not.

We don’t trust in our own wisdom to guide us and tell us what to do in the moment.

And we believe that the other person has the power hurt us.

We try to protect ourselves by keeping our hearts closed.

However whenever we do this we don’t recognize that we are the ones hurting ourselves.

It hurts to have a closed heart.

It hurts not to believe in the good in people.

And it hurts not to recognize the good in the other person.

Furthermore showing up from that place of closed heart tends to bring out the worst in other people.

It’s a circle of hurt that is hard to escape.

Here our deeper understanding is the key. Recognizing what an open heart truly means.

Realizing how the only person who can truly hurt us is we ourselves.

No other person has the power to do so.

It’s when we believe a stressful thought, we feel hurt.

Recognizing how all that love and happiness we can ever experience we already have within us.

No one can take it away from us.

When we recognize this we can see how it’s safe for us to love and feel compassionate.

If someone does something that we don’t accept we don’t take it personally.

We recognize how whenever someone does something out of something else than love, they are suffering.

They are caught up in a thought. A hurtful feeling. A belief.

We recognize their suffering and are able to feel compassionate.

Instead of feeling hurt we may feel warm towards the other person.

We may feel the connection that connects us all.

This doesn’t mean that we let other people to treat us badly.

We naturally follow our wisdom that is here always to keep us safe.

We naturally don’t accept anything that doesn’t feel good to us.

And we naturally follow the guidance that comes from within us.

Not only are we able to feel better and enjoy the feelings of having an open heart, but also we are better able to follow our common sense and keep our boundaries when needed.

There’s another great benefit of having an open heart that I used to not recognize.

Whenever we have an open heart not only are we able to feel better and follow that deeper guidance we all have within us, but we also tend to bring out the best in other people.

We tend to bring out the best in the people we have in our lives and also draw more the right people towards us.


Because it simply feels good when another person understands us and shows up from that place of love.

It brings out the best in us.

Furthermore it’s also a spiritual world we’re living in.

Our outside world always reflects our inner world.

Whenever we show up from that place of love we cannot help but to see the people around us to become more loving as well.

We cannot help but to recognize our outside circumstances becoming more loving.

Does an open heart make us more vulnerable?

At first glance it may look like it does.

However the more our understanding and the love that we feel deep within us deepens, the more we begin to recognize how this is simply not true.

What keeps us safe, what keeps us in that feeling of love, is an open heart.

An open heart doesn’t make us feel more vulnerable.

It makes us more loving, wise and compassionate human beings, who are here to bring more light and love to this world.

It makes us to fully enjoy our relationships.

Bringing more love to the world.

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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