Why reality always equals love

Why reality always equals love

Why reality always equals love

Did you ever stop wondering why in one moment life can feel like a complete mess, and a moment later everything look so beautiful again.

Why in one moment you could be arguing with your partner wondering how on earth you two ended up together, just for a moment later to know that he or she is exactly the one you’re supposed to be with in this moment of time.

How in one moment you could be fearful about the future and your financial situation, and a moment later when your mind has cleared you’ll simply know that you’re always taken care of.

If we can all have these emotions that tell us a completely different picture without anything in our outside circumstances really needing to change, how do we know which one to trust?

How do we know which one to listen to so that we can be guided by life?

Before coming across this understanding I never really wondered about this. I never really stopped to reflect how could I have two completely different experiences about a same situation, and how could I know when to trust my feelings and when not.

It wasn’t until I began to see how my experience of life was always thought-created, when I began to see.

I began to see how my anxiety (or any other negative feeling that I might have been experiencing) never really gave me any real-life information about me or my outside circumstances. But anxiety was simply telling me the quality of my thinking in the moment — There was simply nothing more into it.

I began to recognize how I could trust my thinking more when I was feeling calm and peaceful. How those times I could see life from a wider perspective when I was not caught up in my thinking and I could see my outside circumstances more objectively.

I began to recognize how when I was present my perception was always closer to the reality. And another thing that I began to realize was that the more I listened to myself and my inner guidance when I was seeing the world more clearly and was not caught up in my thinking, the more love I always experienced.

My understanding about love deepened and I began to see that love was not just something that I could only experience in a loving relationship — But love was a feeling beneath our thinking, always present for us.

Just like it was hard for me to see things as they truly were when I was caught up in my stressful thinking, it was impossible for me to experience love in those same moments. And on the other hand when my understanding about life and our experiences deepened and I began to let go of my personal thinking, I automatically also became more present for love.

How do I know today what to listen to and when to trust my thinking? Well, I know that the more love I experience the closer my perception is to reality.

I know that love is reality and we can always be guided by this deeper feeling.

The closer we feel to the other person, the more love we experience and the more we are able to see their true selves, instead of simply getting caught up by the ideas we have about them.

The more hopeful we feel about a situation, the more we recognize our own inner power and the more we can trust that we are always taken care of and are viewing our situation accurately.

Why reality equals love? Because love is what is when we take away our own ideas about the outside world. Love is what is when we take away our own personal opinions. Love simply is what is.

Whenever we let go of our personal thinking we are able to experience more of the purity of thought — We are able to experience life more as it truly is and not only our own perception of it. And this is when we are always also able to sense the love that is already there present for everyone of us to experience, despite of our outside circumstances.

It’s not that when we first fall in love we see the world through those rose-colored glasses — But it’s those times when we get caught up in our thinking that we get in trouble and lose our perception of what is, we lose our awareness of love and what truly is and view the world through the negative lens created by our thinking.

Who knew that a feeling could serve us as a guide, allowing us to see more what is true and always guiding us in life towards that deeper understanding and those deeper feelings of happiness and fulfillment in every areas of our life.

Reality always equals love.

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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