Solving our problems from within.

Solving our problems from within

Solving our problems from within.

In the past if I had a problem I would see myself as a victim of my circumstances.

I would see something happening to me that would then cause a problem in my life. Cause a problem in my life and how I would have to overcome this problem in order for me to feel good again.

Today I see things very differently.

I don’t believe that things are happening just randomly.

I see how my so called problems are not happening to me.

They are happening for me. For my benefit.

Allowing me to reach higher and learn, awakening more and more of my inner resources.

When reflecting back I can see how every single problem that I have ever faced has been here somehow to help me.

I can recognise the beauty in learning.

Learning from life.

Learning from what happens to me when it comes to my life.

I can recognize the beauty in everything in my own life.

In the beginning when facing these so called problems I many times feel frustrated.

Sometimes angry.

Sometimes disappointed.

However I know already that it won’t last long.

Because I know that I’m caught up in my own limiting thinking in that very moment.

And I do know that when my mood shifts and my level of understanding goes higher I will see things in a completely new light.

I won’t dwell in my problems beacause I know that my problems can only ever last as long as my mind is blurred by my personal thinking.

It takes a certain amount of humbleness to be able to overcome the problems that we are facing when it comes to our lives.

Humbleness to admit that we don’t know the answer.

And it’s when we admit this to ourselves we open ourselves up for solutions.

We open ourselves up for new thinking.

New thinking, insights, that may enter our mind when we let go of the old and become present again.

Solving our problems from within what it means to me is that we open ourselves up for new solutions.

We let go of our limiting thinking and the kind of state of mind that keeps on experiencing problems.

We open ourselves up for something completely new.

And we are willing to learn and grow our inner resources.

Or rather become more aware of our inner resources that are already there.

We become more resourceful.

We awaken to see more of the beauty that is already there present in our lives. The beauty our situation holds.

And first and foremost, we recognize how there never really was any problem in the first place.

This recognition can only ever happen if we let go of the old and experience a shift in our understanding.

When our mood shifts and we begin to see things in a completely new light, we will have a completely new experience.

Something that we saw as a challenge before, we now see as an opportunity or a gift.

Allowing us to grow.

Allowing us to awaken our inner resources.

And allowing us to learn more about life.

Allowing us to experience more love and more happiness

Solving our problems from within requires us to recognize more how every single problem is there for our benefit, allowing us to reveal more who we are from deep within our souls.

Which is love, understanding and pure potentiality.

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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