Why accepting where you are is the key for change?

Why accepting where you are is the key for change

Why accepting where you are is the key for change?

It might feel hard to accept.

That we need to first accept where we are in order for us to experience the change that we are looking for.

This is because we might feel so uncomfortable in our current situation, that we feel like in order for us to feel good again we really need that change.

We need the change in our outside circumstances, in order for us to feel good again.

This is our ego speaking.

Creating an illusion how things will always be better in the future.

All the transformational changes that I have experienced in my life have always started from within.

They have started from within me when I have first seen something with new eyes, experienced an insight.

Seen something with new eyes and experienced a change that was more that I could have ever imagined.

And the funny thing is that whenever we experience this kind of change, a change from within, our outside circumstances also change without any effort.


Somehow we have gotten it all wrong.

We have thought that the key is to change something outside of ourselves, so that we can be happy again.

Whether it is our relationship, the other person, work, health or whatever the area is where we are longing for a change.

However this kind of change will never bring us the fulfillment that we are looking for.

Not only is it very hard for us to change things outside-in, but also it’s an endless journey with the ego that always needs the next thing to feel good again, to be happy.

Why accepting where you are is the key for change?

Because when we accept where we are we recognize the illusion our ego has created.

Happiness and love is not out there.

It’s already here for everyone of us to experience. No matter of our circumstances.

And when we can get a sense of this, we free ourselves from the ego’s need for change.

We recognize the illusion of our own personal thinking, and we step more into that who we truly are.

Who we truly are deep within.

From this place not only can we find those feelings of love and happiness, that are beyond what we could ever have imagined. But also we connect more with the source that brings our deepest desires into existence.

Those deepest desires of ours, that are beyond our egos and personal thinking.

Those things that we realize that we don’t need them, yet they lighten up our whole existence.

Those things that just thinking about them bring that warm feeling into our hearts.

And those things that when we receive them bring more light and love to the world, benefitting not just you but the whole world.

Why accepting where you are is the key? Because when we accept where we are we step away from the illusion to the truth.

We recognize that wellbeing and love that is already there within us.

And we step into the flow of life, where we are always blessed with whatever it is that we need.

Whatever it is that is already meant for us.

And whatever it is that will further lighten up our being, when we have already found that light from within us.

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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