You never know when your heart can be cracked wide open in the most beautiful way

You never know when your heart can be cracked wide open

You never know when your heart can be cracked wide open in the most beautiful way

You never know when your heart can be cracked wide open… In the most beautiful and wonderful way.

Last time when this happened to me was two days ago.

My partner had been in a surgery because of his rugby injury and when I was picking him up from the hospital and taking care of him for some reason my heart was wide open.

Maybe it had something to do with taking care of a loved one or maybe it was simply the timing, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters were these intense feelings of love and understanding that I got to experience.

These feelings that always surprise you when you experience them and that make you truly realize how love is the most important and powerful thing in the world.

These feelings that are so strong that you feel like you cannot take any more. And yet they are so soft, and comforting that they open your heart wide open and leave you with that warm feeling in your heart.

One of the first times when this happened to me was when I first began to understand the inside-out nature of our experiences when it came to my relationships.

When I had began to see how not only was my experience of my relationships and other people always coming from within, but also my experience of love.

That’s when my experience of my relationships changed at once and I was left with an open heart for months and months.

Suddenly everyone I met were treating me with the level of kindness and love that I had never experienced before.

That’s the power of having an open mind and open heart and coming from that place of love within us.

Since then there have been many times when I have been both opened up for the feeling of love again and when I have felt like I have lost the feeling.

And now I can finally say that I’ve began to see how we can never really truly lose the feeling, not even when it feels like we do. Because once you’ve found it you will always find your way back.

Your mind may be momentarily filled with your conceptual thinking, stopping you from experiencing love, but that will only ever be momentarily.

Once you have found the feeling you will always find your way back.

And when you do, you will realize again that there’s nothing more important than living in this feeling. Living in this feeling and allowing it to guide you, granting you what you most desire in life.

There will be always those times when we feel like we lose the feeling and feel like we don’t get it and that’s ok too. It’s part of the journey.

However the more forward we move on this path, the more we begin to recognize how it doesn’t really matter whether we get it or not.

In fact it’s the more we relax to that place of not knowing and simply look to the direction of truth, the easier we’ll find the feeling again.

The easier we’ll be found by the feeling.

The more we let go of our own personal thinking and the more we align ourselves with that what we call god, the more effortlessly this will happen.

The more we begin to see that what is really creating our experience and more importantly who and what we truly are, the more enjoyable and effortless the journey becomes.

The more easily we can be cracked wide open in the most beautiful and wonderful way, experiencing more of our true nature.

And when we do we get to experience these feelings of love and understanding that are not anything like we have ever experienced before.

And every time when this happens there grows our ability to experience love.

From this place our relationships benefit, our work benefits and our whole world benefits. We find the feeling of happiness in the moment and in those little things, and we begin to live our lives in these deeper feelings.

We begin to live our lives with a whole new level of understanding about life and how life really works.

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Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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