You know best what works best for you

You know best what works best for you

You know best what works best for you

When I was younger I learned the lesson how we self know best what works best for us.

I wanted to go out to with my friends, however none of them wanted to go out that night. Finally I managed to talk one of my friends over. That night ended up been one of the most boring nights I’ve had. However I learned the lesson.

I learned the lesson how we self know always best what’s best for us. We cannot talk other people over and expect the outcome to be favorable for us. That way the outcome will never be favorable to anyone.

We may believe that we know what’s best for others however we don’t. We can never know.

And the same applies to us.

No one knows better what works best for us than we ourselves.


Because it’s not what we do that matters as much as the feeling we follow.

The action itself is irrelevant.

It’s the feeling behind the action that determines the outcome.

And with the outcome I mean what works for us.

What is that that we are meant to do and that amplifies that our feeling of happiness.

That brings more joy, love and other good things into our lives.

It’s the feeling.

If we do something when deep down within us we know that is not what we’re meant to do, the outcome will never be favorable to anyone.

However if we show up and do things out of love, we only end up bringing more light and love into our lives and to the world.

In my relationship with my partner this has been a constant reminder for me.

Being fortunate to have learnt what I learned in my younger years, I have never really had to struggle with the issue again. Yet in my relationship I have been able to see it only deeper and deeper how this is true. I have received gentle reminders about this.

And when resisting these reminders I have experienced some suffering. When I have believed that I know better. And on the other hand when awakening again to the understanding I have remembered again and learned to trust.

Life is a dance and if we follow the rhythm of it it’ll bring us the most beautiful and wonderful experiences. Experiences that we cannot even expect.

And if we on the other hand resist it and resist the constant learning that we are blessed to receive and have been offered, we begin to feel stagnant and eventually suffer.

You know best what’s meant for you. Your partner or friend knows best what works for them.

Honoring this understanding will make life so much easier for us.

Trusting the wisdom you have within you is your way to your happiness. It’s your happiness.

It’s not the outcome. It’s the feeling of love and pure happiness that’s already there. Waiting to be uncovered and tapped into when we let go of the intellectual mind and trust something deeper.

Something deeper that you, me and everyone of us we already have within us.

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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