Why I feel in peace with life when I don’t know what to do.

Why today I feel in peace with life when I don’t know what to do

Why today I feel in peace with life when I don’t know what to do.

In the past those times when I didn’t know what to do, I used to use all my mental power to trying to figure things out.

Whether it was a specific situation I felt like I was up against, or I felt like I was in general lost in life, I used to believe that I could’t be happy until I found my way out.

When trying to figure things out hardly ever worked the way I wanted, even if it might have brought a sense of safety because I was after all doing what i was used to, at some point in my life I learned to look to a different direction.

When my understanding about life deepened and I learned to see beyond what I thought I was up against, things often ended up better I could have even imagined.

Not only did I learn to allow solutions come me, instead of trying to desperately work things out, but I also found a sense of peace learning to recognize that there was this intelligence behind life always guiding us.

Where we often go wrong when we try to find solutions

There’s this famous quote from Albert Einstein that goes like this:

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” — Albert Einstein

What this simply means is that whenever we see a problem, we cannot find solutions. Our level of awareness is momentarily low and it’s hard for us to see anything new. 

If we try to solve our problems from this level of state of mind, we only end up circulating our old thoughts and ways to cope in life in our minds. When for us to find solutions we actually want to see something new.

Our level of awareness needs to go up first, so that we can shift our focus from our problems to solutions.

Opening ourselves to seeing something new

Lucky for us seeing something new and having insights is built into our system. But for us to do this we actually need to look to the opposite direction many of us we are used to look at.

Instead of trying to figure things out we want to allow our mind to relax.

Because it’s in that state whenever we allow our mind to calm down, our understanding about life deepens and we experience new thoughts, insights. 

These times when we actually have more space in our minds for those new thoughts to arise.

And from this place it’s only a matter of time when solutions begin to find their way to us.

Recognizing more of the deeper intelligence behind life

Recognizing that there’s this deeper intelligence behind life brings us a sense of peace. When we learn to see that it’s built into our system for our understanding about life to deepen and for us to see something new.

When we learn to recognize how this is true life gets easier.

We stop standing on our own way so much and allow ourselves to be more guided by this deeper feeling behind life.

We begin to see how the less we pay attention to our thinking when we feel stressed and experience our problems, the quicker our mind can calm down and the easier it becomes for us to find solutions.

And the more we can trust the process and relax to the flow of life, the more we can enjoy having calm and clear minds on day-to-day basis.

Seeing that we are always taken care of

“I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of.” — Louise Hay

Lately I’ve taken a lot of time for myself, simply resting and enjoying the little things in life.

When in the past I may would have been worried that I was not doing what I thought that I was supposed to do, doing all the things that I had been planning to do before the end of the year, I now simply allow myself to enjoy this calmer phase.

Because I know that when I follow my guidance and do what makes sense for me when my mind is calm and clear, only good things can come out of that. I’ve already seen that happening so many times in the past that it’s easy for me to trust the feeling.

And the more we trust the feeling and trust that there’s this deeper intelligence behind life that knows what’s best for us, even when we might think differently, the more easily our life can begin to unfold for us.

We can truly trust the process and trust that if we don’t know what to do, the answers will come to us in the exactly right timing, if we just allow ourselves to get out of the way and allow ourselves to be guided by this deeper feeling behind life.

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