Why going within is always the answer.

Why going within is always the answer

Why going within is always the answer

I was thinking about what to write this week.

It was unusual for me that I hadn’t had any ideas coming through me yet.

I sat quietly and thought that I would see what could come to my mind from the quietness of my soul.

First it was just quiet and I thought that I may had to sit like this for a while.

But soon a new thought came through:

The benefits of going within.

And that thought hold enough energy in it for me to start writing.

All these ideas about the benefits when we go within started flowing. I reflected within me how going within was the answer — always — No matter what.

Why going within is always the answer we seek?

Whenever we face a problem or a challenge when it comes to our lives it always looks like the problem is out there. Out there on the outside world.

If it didn’t there wouldn’t be any problem.

However if we take a closer look and have some understanding about how our mind works, we may recognize that this is an illusion our mind creates.

Life simply is and for us to have a problem our own perception of life needs to be involved.

In other words we need to have an opinion in order for us to experience a challenge. And what we find problematic another person may not even see as a challenge.

In my life I have had many problems. Some big, some small and some that felt impossible to overcome.

However the more my own understanding has deepened, the more I have learned to recognized how our problems they don’t really even exist.

They can only ever exist in our lower levels of state of minds, but as soon as our level of awareness goes up the problems that we were facing before simply seem to disappear. And the answers and solutions start flowing.

So why going within is the answer?

Simply because when we go within the way we see the outside world changes.


When we go within we find that feeling of love and contentment, no matter where we are.

Our mind becomes receptive to answers that come to us, instead of us needing to go after solutions.

We experience freedom and peace of mind.

We recognize more how we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

We naturally enjoy our relationships and feel more connected to other people.

When we go within not only do we enjoy life in a whole new level, but we also draw more good things into our lives.

We see opportunities and lucky coincidences seem to find their ways into our lives.

The right people and opportunities simply seem to appear in those exact right moments.

We do not only feel better, but also our bodies are able to heal themselves from that place of less stress and peace of mind.

It takes a certain amount of awareness to be able to recognize this. In the world where we are so used to fixate ourselves to the physical appearance of the world.

Yet entering that inner world is the answer.

It’s always the answer that we seek, whether we are able to recognize it in the moment or not.

Because our inner world creates the outside world.

It’s the answer for our problems and challenges. It’s the place where we find love and happiness. It’s the key to enjoy life and to bring more beauty into our lives.

And the only thing that is required is for us to quiet down for a moment. Go within. And listen to those deep whispers of our soul.

And the best part of it: It’s already here for everyone of us to experience, every single moment of our lives.

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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