When you are able to see it with your inner eyes, it’s already given to you.

When you’re able to see it with your inner eyes, it’s already given to you

When you are able to see it with your inner eyes, it’s already given to you.

I was scrolling down my Instagram feed when this quote caught my eye.

“You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to see this is the only reason you do not see it” — Neville Goddard

For some reason at that moment when I was reading these words I fully recognized how I was already what I ever wanted to be, and that I had already what I ever wanted to have.

I had already been looking to this direction for a while, but I hadn’t recognized it in that deep level before, than how I saw it in that moment.

The first time I got a sense of that I already had what I wanted, before it fully manifested into my experience, was when I learned to recognize what was the true source of love.

When I learned to see that love was not something that I could receive from another person, but I had to awaken to the feeling within me to be able to experience it.

When I began to see how this was true I found love within me. I became so happy and began to live in this feeling of pure joy and enjoyment.

I already had what I wanted.

Three months after the relationship that I had been looking for before of my experience also showed up into my life.

Today it looks more real to me that I already have what my heart desires, than what my current reality might appear to be.

I see a vision of that what I want and feel the feelings of contentment and happiness.

This is not an active process of mine or something that I’m trying to make happen, but something that shows up for me when I have a quiet mind. It’s not something that I believe that I need to do, in order for me to be happy.

But it’s a feeling of pure joy and contentment, being in the moment yet knowing that life is always evolving and good things are coming to me.

It’s that space of allowing.

Creating more space for myself to expand and aligning myself with my inner being my true self — and allowing whatever wants to be manifested to manifest as a result of that. Allowing that what brings us joy to be manifested.

It’s not about trying to make something happen so that I can feel good, feel happy, but recognizing more who we are from the essence of our being. Feeling the pure joy of that, and allowing the fact that we recognize this to bring more good things into our experience.

It’s a question about recognizing how we are living in the creation of thought.

Recognizing how the unchangeable, spiritual world is in fact more true, than the physical world that is ever-changing. Recognizing more how we deserve everything that our hearts desire, because what our hearts desire is what our inner being desires.

When I’m in alignment with that what is and connected to the source I can relax and allow what that deepest part within me wants to bring into existence. And I’m able to feel the joy of it in that very moment, even before I can see any physical evidence of what I want appearing into my experience. And that’s enough.

Sydney Banks used to say that when we have enough faith we can have anything that we want.

I see faith as a natural by-product of being present and in alignment with the source.

It’s about knowing that we’re blessed with that whatever our hearts desire.

Why today I see my purest desires as something that is more true, than what the physical reality around me might appear to be in this very moment?

Because I see that I’m always expanding and I see that what my heart, soul, inner-being desires is already here for me. I can feel the essence of it.

And in my experience when I can feel the pure joy and contentment in the present moment, and the essence of that what that deeper part within me desires, it doesn’t take long until it appears into my physical experience as well.

What has allowed me to see more how this is true has been listening to these spiritual facts about life over my own beliefs, and identifying myself more with that energy behind life, than my own personal thinking.

Recognizing how all the happiness and love that we can ever experience we already within us. That source of happiness is within us and we can access it in this very moment, without anything outside of us needing to change.

Seeing how when I show up from that place of alignment — and whatever my heart desires from that space — it’s already given to me. And recognizing how I’m already able to feel the essence of it in this very moment.

Recognizing how we make things happen more through thought than action, and how thought truly is the creative power behind life. From that place action is not coming because we want to get somewhere, but as a natural movement of an inspiring thought.

When you’re able to see it with your inner eyes, it’s already given to you. When you’re able to see it as the source sees it, you receive it .

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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