When nothing or no one is worth giving away our peace of mind.

When nothing or no one is worth giving away our peace of mind

When nothing or no one is worth giving away our peace of mind.

When I was a child my parents told me that I was quite temperamental.

Even if over the years I have naturally calmed down and lost most of that, my partner may still sometimes witness me losing my patience.

However life is a journey and we don’t aim for perfection, but for allowing our hearts to expand and our understanding to grow. There’s always more beauty in understanding and acceptance.

And yet what I’ve come to see more deeply lately is that how nothing or no one is really worth losing our patience over.

Nothing or no one is worth giving away our peace of mind.

When something bothers our egos and we become reactive it may look like we need to act. It may look like we need to defend ourselves.

However if we are coming from that reactive mode there’s nothing good that can ever come out of that.


There’s no such thing as fear bringing us more joy and love. The world doesn’t simply work that way.

But for us to find what we’re ultimately looking for we always need to find those good feelings from within us. We need to go within and show up from that place in order for us to create a positive change.

However if you’re in a life threatening situation or in any kind of danger, making always sure that you’re safe is your priority. In those moments there’s a reason why our survival mode kicks in and it’s necessary for us to listen to our common sense.

But in today’s world most of us we are in such a fortunate situation that the only thing that is disturbing our peace of mind is our own personal thinking.

When it looks like something outside of us is causing our suffering, but our experience in reality is brought to us via thought.

Those times if we can see how nothing in the world is worth losing our peace of mind, we are able to remain in that state of peace and love.

This doesn’t mean that the other person or the thing that is bothering us is in any way less. However it does mean that we recognize how nothing good can come out of us losing our patience.

Nothing good can come out of us losing our inner peace.

We can recognize how us staying centered is the most helpful thing that we can do.

It’s the thing that will ultimately allow us to have what our hearts desire.

It’s what will allow us to connect with our common sense, make wiser decisions, stay centered and aligned with that power greater than ourselves.

It’s what will allow our peace to extend to our situation and the other person, allowing things to be resolved more effortlessly.

When we stay connected we literally radiate more peace to our surroundings and to the people around us.

Finding that peace within, no matter of our outside circumstances, is the only thing that can ever bring us what we truly want.

Because when we find that peace and stay centered, align ourselves with that universal mind, we draw more good things to us. That’s the oneness of life.

It’s the state where all good things are coming to us, instead of us needing to go after what we want or think that we need.

It’s the state where we are surrounded by love and allowing more reasons to feel in peace, loved and joyful to enter into our experience.

It’s the state where we feel connected to one another and things work for our benefit.

Trust it and have your faith on it. Go within and you’ll have a first-hand experience of this.

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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