When change doesn’t feel easy.

When change doesn’t always feel easy

When change doesn’t feel easy.

Last night I had a dream where there were green caterpillars.

I’m not usually a big fan of finding meaning behind my dreams, but sometimes when I dream about something unusual I like to have a closer look.

So when looking up for the meaning I learned that seeing green caterpillars may mean that one is in front of a transformation.

And I felt like it couldn’t have been more accurate for me at this point of time.

Lately I have been experiencing some growing pains.

I’m in front of a big change in my life.

And I have relearnt and re-experienced how change doesn’t always feel comfortable.

Sometimes the ego doesn’t want to let go of the old and fears the new.

Consciously I have been excited about the change, however there has been feelings coming to the surface that have not been that pleasant.

This reminds me about the last time when I experienced a big shift in my life, and the time before this shift.

What I have found comforting during this change has been exactly what I learned from my last experience:

How all that happiness and love that I can ever experience I already have within me.

And now the understanding has deepened.

Even when experiencing those growing pains, when I have experienced some suffering, I have remembered.

I have remembered how this moment is the best place for me to experience all that love and happiness that I can ever experience.

Even when I suffer this place is the place where all that love and happiness can ever exist.

And with this place I mean the present moment.

Not the past, not the future.

The only place where I can ever experience love and contentment is here and now.

No matter of my experience.

No matter whether there’s suffering or not.

And when I remember this I’m filled with these good feelings again.

The suffering either subsides or goes more to the background when I get a sense of my true nature again.

Change is not always easy, yet it’s necessary.

It’s part of life, whether we enjoy it or not.

It’s here for us to find more and more about the inner strengths that we behold.

For us to learn more about ourselves and life and find love and happiness in new depths.

It’s a journey that never ends.

And when we learn that we don’t have to always enjoy the change, and how every moment has the potential for us to experience all that love and happiness that we can ever experience.

Suddenly it all gets a little bit easier.

We experience freedom.

More freedom to allow the change to happen, take life as it is and for us to enjoy the ride.

Every change has the potential for us to experience more love and happiness.

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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