What would happen if you let go of the story of you.

What would happen if you let go of the story of you

What would happen if you let go of the story of you.

What would happen if you let go of the story you have created about yourself?

Instead of telling yourself why you’re not good enough, just as you are. Instead of trying to be or become anything more than what you already are.

What would happen if you simply let go of the story?

Everything that we think that we are is our pure imagination. No matter if it’s something that we are telling ourselves in the moment, or if it’s something that we have been already telling to ourselves for years.

Sometimes we may catch ourselves and recognize that our thinking is clouded because of the insecure thinking and the low mood that we’re experiencing in the moment, and other times we dive deep into our own story and feel the heaviness of these beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world.

What would happen if we let go of our own story about ourselves?

Every single person who recognizes the stories that they create, creates more space between the story and themselves.

They begin to take themselves less seriously and sink deeper into this feeling of who they truly are.

From this place real confidence, connection and contentment arises.

The more we begin to see beyond our own limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world, the more we begin to get a sense of our own True nature. The more we begin to show up from this place of pure authenticity, love and kindness.

And the more we do this, the more beautiful we see the world in front of us.

The more beautiful and caring the people around us turn to be and become. The more loving our relationships and other people become. And the deeper feelings of connection we feel with one another and every living creature.

Who would you be if you let go of the story of you?

What I see is that we’d be these beautiful, loving, kind and caring souls, who’d be fully enjoying life and everything and everyone that they have in front of them.

I’d see people who care as much about others as they care about themselves, and therefore a world that contributes to the highest good of us all.

I’d see people who’d be enjoying life in the level that they never thought was possible.

Heaven is a state of mind and accessible for everyone of us to experience already in this very moment.

And the only thing that you need to “do” to recognize how this is true is to see beyond a thought, and experience more who and what we truly are from the essence of our being.

Who would you be if you let go of the story of you and stepped into that who you truly are?

Ask yourself and see what comes up for you.

One thing is for sure. From this place love, happiness, contentment, these deeper feelings of connection and a more beautiful world are always guaranteed.

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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