What works best for you comes from within you.

What works best for you comes from within you

What works best for you comes from within you.

I definitely did not use to know this.

I did not use to know that I had all the answers already within me for those things that I desired in life. But instead I used to rely on the opinions of others.

I used to believe that they knew better.

When it came to my relationships I used to seek for advice outside of myself. Maybe needless to say that this way it was hard for me to receive what I was looking for.

I used to look for confirmation when it came to the decisions that I needed to make in life from the people around me.

However it wasn’t until I started to respect what was there already within me when things started to turn out the way I had always wanted. Or most of the times even better.

We all have already within us all the answers we ever need. And it’s only when we don’t understand this and we get insecure we lose our awareness of this.

Yet when we are able to calm down and allow our minds to settle it always becomes clear for us.

It becomes clear for us what we want. What it is that we need to do in this moment of time. And what are the next right steps for us that will bring us what we truly desire.

More love and happiness.

Getting glimpses of this and seeing the evidence in our own lives will only allow us to trust that deeper knowing we all have within us even more.

It will allow us to let go of our thinking those times when we feel stressful.

Let go of our problems and challenges.

So that we can allow our thinking to calm down. And are eventually able to see something deeper.

Finding our own answers from within us.

And what comes through us that way matters less than that it is coming through.

It’s our connection to the divine that is the the key. The point in life.

I still do like to have conversations with others when it’s not clear for me what to do.

However nowadays I’m coming from a totally different place.

I’m coming from that place where I ultimately know what’s right for me.

And how others opinions may only strengthen the feeling of what I need to do in this moment of time.

It allows me reflect on what feels right for me.

It’s not something that I rely on anymore. But when there’s a decision I need to make or an action I need to take I always do look into the direction that I can put my whole faith into.

I look within.

What works best for you always, always comes from within you.

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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