What if we just did what our soul told us to do?

What if we just did what our soul told us to do?

What if we just did what our soul told us to do?

Usually in the areas that we struggle we have so many ideas about them.

We have so many ideas what it is that we believe that we should be doing and what it means if we struggle.

What it tells about us?

This is one way of living and something that definitely sounds familiar to me when I think about my past. And even in some degrees in some areas of my life when I think about the present.

But there’s another way of living life as well.

A way that is more enjoyable and feels so much more like freedom.

This way of living life unfolds when we listen to our soul and do what it tells us to do.

No questions asked.

No analyzing.

When we simply follow that deeper feeling within us and do what it guides us to do.

One of the areas where I have seen this to be true, and that it has become a second nature for me, is relationships.

I used to have a lot of thinking about love. What it meant that I felt alone and what would it take for me to find real love.

I could say that I was really caught up in my thinking when it came to my relationships. And I definitely didn’t feel free.

What changed for me was that I learned to see that my experience of my relationships was not coming from my situation or other people.

I learned to recognize how my experience was not created by the reality, but it was thought created. What I believed to be true, I would experience.

I began to recognize how that love that I had been looking for I already had within me.

I didn’t need to find that right person in order for me to experience love. I found that true source of love within me and became free to tap into that feeling whenever I wanted.

This understanding completely changed my relationships. It didn’t only change my experience of my relationships, but it also changed my relationships.

Suddenly it became easy for me to find love and create new relationships.

What changed for me was that I stopped thinking about my relationships and I fell into the beauty of the present moment. I started to experience my relationships and other people more as they truly were.

I started to listen to more of my soul, than my old ideas when it came to love.

I used to have a lot of thinking about my relationships and I spent long periods of times in my head thinking about them.

After my experience I completely stopped doing this.

It simply didn’t make sense for me to do that anymore. I was already full. I was already complete.

There was nothing more to gain and even if there would have been, I recognized how my own personal ideas would only have been on my way from getting what I desired.

I simply became more present and started to do what made sense for me to do in the moment. And a new kind of freedom unfolded out of that.

Not only did I start to feel more connected to other people, because I stopped being in my head and became more present, but also it simply felt good to do what I felt guided to do in every moment.

What if we started to do more what our soul is guiding us to do

There’s so much more freedom and enjoyment when we begin to listen to our hearts. Pure pleasure.

What I’ve come to see is that in those areas of our lives where we thrive, we naturally do this. We do what makes sense for us to do in the moment.

And on the other hand in the areas where we struggle we have a lot of thinking about them. We may have so many ideas what it is that we believe that we need to do, that the voice of our soul gets lost in all the noise.

What if we just started to do more what we felt guided to do?

What if we began to overlook the noise of our personal ideas and began to listen to that deeper feeling more.

You know that deeper feeling that is so gentle, yet so rich, compared to our intellectual ideas.

That deeper feeling that we simply know that we can trust, even if we may sometimes be too afraid to trust.

And instead, we may drown ourselves to all the doing and thinking that we believe is necessary.

But what if we simply started to listen to that deeper guidance that we have more and did what it told us to do?

For me even considering these questions feels like freedom. And if I take a step further and trust my guidance, the feeling only gets stronger.

Things don’t always work out as we plan, but sometimes the pieces fall into their places in ways that we could never even have imagined.

In the most surprising and wonderful ways.

What if you just did what your soul told you to do?

As I see it the world truly benefits from us listening to our hearts and doing whatever it is that we feel guided to do.

It truly is a contribution to the world. When we begin to do more what we feel called to do, cut out the unnecessary and begin to do more what our hearts are telling us to do.

And the feeling of enjoyment and freedom follows.

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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