What is keeping you from experiencing your own freedom.

What is keeping you from experiencing your own freedom

What is keeping you from experiencing your own freedom.


This word has been in my mind a lot this year.

It has become more and more clear to me how that contentment, love, excitement and life that I most purely want to experience, doesn’t exist in my dreams about the future.

It’s not that when I achieve my goals or dreams that I’ll be happier, but it’s all already here.

Instead of wanting to experience more abundance and wealth I’ve become more curious about my own inner abundance. Instead of wanting to be something more than what I am, I’ve become more curious about recognizing who I already am.

And there lies the freedom. The experience of the purest freedom that I’ve ever experienced. Experience of how I know that I already have everything that I need and how there’s nothing lacking.

The experience of that I’ll always be taken care of no matter what happens.

This year I’ve experienced some unexpected financial losses in amounts that I’ve never experienced before. I have experienced moments when everything starting from my relationships to life has felt unsure.

Yet, these moments have been very insignificant compared to those times when I have felt trust, faith and love in depths that I’ve never experienced before.

I have felt faith, trusting that everything that happens to me is always good. And this is not just a belief of mine, but something that I’ve experienced to be true when I go beyond my own beliefs.

I’ve experienced love in depths that I’ve never experienced before.

There has been very few of those moments when I’ve not been able to feel the bigger plan unfolding behind it all. I have been waking up back to the reality quicker and quicker, and those times when I’ve been caught up in my own thinking have become shorter and shorter.

Those dots that we can only ever connect when we look back in time, I’ve felt their presence already in the middle of it all.


Freedom doesn’t come from what happens or doesn’t happen to us, but it’s an internal state.

Freedom is about recognizing who we are from the essence of our being and how God is the reality.

The stories we create around life are not the reality and they create all of our suffering. But the real reality that is there underneath of it all is always good.

Reality is good.

Why I don’t worry about life when something unexpected happens, but let got of the worry very easily?

Because I know that reality is always good and whatever happens always ends up being for my highest good. And there’s so much freedom in recognizing how that is true.

Knowing that we’ll always be taken care of no matter what.

The more I’ve began to recognize how this is true, the less I’ve started to spend time feeling disappointed when things don’t go the way I wish them to go, and the more I’ve began to feel the freedom and enjoyment in the present moment.

Freedom that lies on the other side of our beliefs.

The fullness of life is already here for everyone of us to experience, as soon as we go beyond our own personal thinking and land to the reality.

And that if what is pure freedom.

Heidi Paavilainen

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