My top 10 life-changing books when you are soul-searching, that can help us to see our life and relationships in a new light. Click through to read the post.

My top 10 life-changing books when you are soul-searching

— That can help you to see your life and relationships in a new light.

My top 10 books when you are soul-searching, that can help you to see your life and relationships in a new light.

Almost ten years ago I was living in my lovely, small student apartment and finishing my university studies. If you looked from the outside everything was great, but from the inside I was suffering and longing for a change.

I was not at all where I wanted to be in life and found myself feeling anxious. I was about to graduate with a degree that I knew would not help me to make my dreams come true and I was looking for love that would last for a lifetime.

Now years later, looking back at that time I feel grateful, because I see how that struggling that I was experiencing at that time forced me to look within. It forced me to look within and recognize where does that real change that we are looking for truly come from.

These books I’ve found to be some of the most helpful ones on my own journey. They are all about creating change from within and allowing our own understanding to deepen, so that change can happen inside—out.

The Relationship Handbook

1. The Relationship Handbook
A simple guide to satisfying relationships.

This is the number one book I usually recommend for my clients and customers. It has made the biggest change in my own life, opening me up to seeing other people with new eyes and finding the love that I was ultimately looking for.

The Relationship Handbook 25th Anniversary Edition

2. The Relationship Handbook 25th Anniversary Edition
A simple guide to satisfying relationships.

The 7 additional chapters George has written in the Anniversary edition of the Relationship Handbook are great for allowing your understanding to deepen further, if you have already read the original book.

Life changing books  — Dear Liza

3. Dear Liza
An inspiring tale that illuminates how love and compassion can bring peace and contentment to everyones life.

There is something special about the teachings of Sydney Banks. This book is one of my favorite books from him and a beautiful book that can help us to see, and get a feel of, how happiness doesn’t depend on our outside circumstances, but lies within our own soul already.

The missing link

4. The Missing Link
Reflections on philosophy & spirit.

This book talks about the missing link between our psychological and spiritual nature. Getting a deeper understanding about this may allow us to step more into our true potential, happiness and fulfillment in life.

Life changing books  — The Enlightened Gardener

5. Enlightened Gardener
A Tale where four colleagues meet a remarkable gardener whose unique philosophy will forever change their lives.

The Enlightened Gardener was the first book that I read from Syd. It goes beyond what we have learned about our psychological nature, helping us to see more into our true nature, allowing change to happen from within.

The Enlightened Gardener Revisited

6. Enlightened Gardener Revisited
A wise old Gardener teaches life’s principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

This book is a sequel to the Enlightened Gardener. It is a book to dive deeper into the inside—out nature of our experiences. It may help us to deepen our understanding about life, so that we can better understand what is the secret to a positive change in life.

Life changing books  — Second Chance

7. Second Chance
An amazing story about endings and beginnings — And the Miraculous power of the Mind.

Second Chance was the second book that I read from Sydney Banks and it’s a book about finding happiness, when it feels like nothing is going our way. A beautiful book how you can find a new path and be filled with these beautiful feelings that come from within you.

Life changing books — Wisdom for life

8. Wisdom For Life
Three Principles for well-being

Already from the first pages of this book you can sense the love behind the words and the message Elsie shares. She was one of the closest friends to Sydney Banks and such a lovely person I have been blessed to meet in person. In her books she shares a powerful message how to live more connected to your own inner wisdom.

Life changing books when you are soul-searching — Dying to be me

9. Dying to be me
My journey from cancer, to near death, to true healing

In this book Anita Moorjani shares her personal journey through cancer towards true healing. Her message is moving and can help us to see more how we may simply be who we are, and begin to enjoy life now.

Life changing books  — I need your love — Is that true

10. I Need Your Love — Is That True
How to stop seeking love, approval and appreciation and start finding them instead.

This book helps us to begin to see through our own limiting beliefs, so that we can connect more with that unconditional love we all have already within us. The message Byron Katie shares is beautiful and this book is no exception to that.

You may simply start with the book that you feel drawn to and allow your own understanding to deepen.

Happy readings!

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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