The link between our psychological and spiritual nature. Spiritual awakening and mental wellbeing through the Three Principles understanding. #3principles #spiritualhealing #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing

The link between our psychological and spiritual nature

The link between our psychological and spiritual nature. Spiritual awakening through the 3 Principles understanding for happiness and mental wellbeing. #threeprinciples #spiritualawakening #mentalhealth #spiritualguidance

Did you know that psychology used to be a study of the mind, and study of the soul? However when no one really knew how to study the soul and mind they gave up and started to focus on behaviour instead.

Did you know that William James, who was widely known as the father of psychology, envisioned that one day someone would discover Principles that would change psychology from a personal philosophy into a working science.

Did you know that hundred years later these Principles were uncovered by an ordinary man called Sydney Banks through his profound insight.

And did you know that this understanding has not only began to revolutionize the fields of psychology and psychiatry, but has also had an impact on the fields of medicine, education and business.

These Principles have began to change the field of psychology and recognize the spiritual nature of ours.

The Principles that explain our human experience

These Principles, Thought, Consciousness and Mind together form and explain our human experience.

Thoughtthe missing link between the form and the formless, allows us to experience life through our own perception.

Consciousness, our understanding and awareness about life, brings our thoughts alive and allows us to be aware of our thinking.

The Universal Mind, the formless energy behind life, is the source of our thinking and the source of everything in life.

And together these Principles both create our experience of life, and allow us to become aware of our ability to create experience. Together they also reveal us the wellbeing and wisdom we all carry already within us.

Perfect mental wellbeing within

This understanding allows us to begin to see how every single human being is perfectly mentally healthy from the core of their being.

All mental disease, including stress, comes from our inability to recognize the power of thought when it comes to our experiences.

When we don’t recognize that behind every stressful feeling, anger, fear, anxiety is a corresponsive thought, we many times get stuck in these feelings for unnecessary long periods of times. This is how mental disorders are born.

On the other hand recognizing the role thought plays allows us to let go of these stressful feelings, so that our intelligent system can bring us back to balance. Back to that place of wellbeing within us.

When our mind is calm and clear, we naturally recognize this wellbeing within us. We become aware and get a feel of that perfect mental health within.

From this place of wellbeing we are not caught up in any destructive thinking and can see the world and reality more clearly. From this place we are connected with that spiritual nature of ours.

Seeing reality more clearly

What understanding about these principles does is that it allows us to see our world more clearly. It allows us to recognize that when we all experience life through our thinking, we all also create our own realities.

It allows us to see that thought is responsible for our feelings, and not other people or the world out there.

It allows us to see that whenever we are feeling stressed and negative we don’t see the world clearly, but we are always caught up in our thinking. This understanding allows us to let go of our negative emotions more effortlessly because we recognize the true source of our stressful emotions. So that we can come back to the present moment and view the world with more perspective again.

A lot of suffering and unnecessary thinking can fall off and we can become more present for life. We begin to see through the illusion that thought creates and see the reality more as it is.

We step out of the illogical, with its numerous different reasons for our feelings, back to the logic. Back to the logic where we recognize how our thinking is 100% responsible for the way we feel.

When suffering begins to subside

Recognizing the fact how this is true allows us to drop the unnecessary thinking of ours and see life more with clarity.

It allows us to drop our suffering and stress because we realize that this kind of thinking takes us always further away from what is true. When we feel stressed and suffer we don’t recognize the true power of thought when it comes to our experience in the moment.

We don’t recognize that it is our stressful thinking that creates our experience of suffering. That creates our suffering.

The more we begin to see how this is true, the more we begin to step into the reality, and step into that own wellbeing of ours. That is the natural state of our being, when we don’t innocently take ourselves out of there by taking our own negative thinking too seriously.

From this place, in addition to recognizing our own psychological nature, we naturally start to become more aware of the spiritual nature of ours. We begin to see the connection that is there with all the beings and see through the illusion of separation thought creates to that universal nature of ours.

The spiritual nature of ours

When we get a sense of the spiritual nature of ours we get affected.

In my life this understanding has allowed me to let go of anxiety in the period of my life when I got stuck in my anxious feelings, and suffered for a relatively short, yet unnecessarily long time.

It has allowed me to drop into those feelings of wellbeing and contentment that reside within everyone of us, despite of our outside circumstances.

It has allowed me to experience my relationships in a whole new level, overcome the challenges that I was facing and come more from that place of connection and unconditional love.

It has allowed me to see through every challenge and problem I have ever experienced and see how our challenges exist only in our low levels of thinking; When we don’t recognize the power of thought when it comes to our experience of life.

It has allowed me to let go of unnecessary stress and go forward in life more effortlessly, feeling the joy that comes from following our hearts and doing what feels right to us.

It has allowed me to find happiness and peace from within and recognize that I am already ultimately fine, no matter of my experience and no matter of my outside circumstances.

Understanding that reveals our wellbeing

Having a deeper understanding about these Principles behind life has allowed me to step away from the world of distress to the world where logic rules and my experiences make sense.

It has allowed me to experience my own inner wellbeing that is there already within me, no matter what is going on in my outside and inside world.

It has allowed me to recognize and get a sense of the spiritual nature of ours, that is linked to our psychological nature.

That is our psychological nature. They are all the same.

Finally there is an understanding that allows us to step into our wellbeing, no matter of our outside circumstances, revealing a whole new world to us that already existed and is the true nature of ours.

This is the psychology that brings hope for those who are suffering and reveals the source of that unlimited potential that resides within everyone of us.

Through our ability to think and experience life, we are all connected to this source.





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Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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