The healing power of the Mind. Spiritual healing and guidance through the Three Principles understanding. #threeprinciples #spiritualhealing #emotionalhealing #spiritualawakening

The healing power of the Mind

The healing power of the Mind. Spiritual awakening and healing through the 3 Principles understanding. #threeprinciples #spiritualawakening #emotionalhealing #spiritualguidance

I was reading John E. Sarno’s book Healing Back Pain, The Mind-body connection earlier this week.

In his book John suggests, helping thousands of people to heal the pain they experience in their back, that emotions and tension are the reason for the pain we experience.

Interesting enough, the back pain that I had been experiencing for two years began to slowly subside while I was reading the book. The pain that had been persistent despite of several physiotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractor treatments.

When in the past I’ve already experienced and seen the evidence of the healing powers of our mind when it comes our emotional and mental wellbeing, my understanding has now began to extend.

The healing powers of the Mind goes beyond our understanding about life.

The importance of experiencing it for ourselves

In the past if I have complained about feeling tired or having a cold my partner has many times commented saying it’s all mental.

In those times despite of knowing that there is truth hidden somewhere in those words — a deeper truth my partner maybe isn’t aware of either — I have experienced from little to no comfort in his words.

For us to experience the healing we need to get a sense of the truth for ourselves.

We need to be open enough to hear the truth and open ourselves up for information that goes beyond what we already know about life.

The information that comes through a deeper feeling.

We need to experience our own insights and see and get a feel of what is true for ourselves.

Awareness guiding the way

Our awareness transforms our experience.

I remember the time when I self firsthand experienced the power of expansion of awareness.

I was experiencing my second anxiety attack when a simply sentence on the screen of my laptop how no matter what we are experiencing, we will survive an anxiety attack completely changed my experience.

To be more specific, it wasn’t the sentence, but it was the deeper truth that I saw behind those words that allowed me to experience healing.

It allowed my awareness to expand and me to recognize the truth in those words and beyond.

Recognize the truth that what I was experiencing in the moment was not the reality, despite of how real and convincing my anxious thoughts felt in the moment.

This simple insight allowed me to change the dynamics in my relationship to anxiety that I can only describe as becoming free from and letting go of anxiety for good.

The healing power of our insights

There is something healing for seeing something to be true with our own eyes.

Like in my example with anxiety, when we experience a deeper truth how life works, our overall experience of wellbeing rises.

Our overall level of wellbeing rises and this is when healing occurs.

True healing doesn’t happen because of our efforts. It happens despite of our efforts — When we let go. It opens our minds and it opens our hearts.

When we let go and surrender, even if it’s only for a second. So that these insights, new thoughts, can enter our consciousness and raise our level of awareness.

Why do healing miracles happen? Because for those who they happen they get a sense of the intelligence and deeper feeling behind life through these insights — They touch something deeper and get a feel of the true nature of ours.

The true nature of ours

What I find really interesting is the intelligence of our systemHow we are always designed to head back to balance.

As soon as we let go of stressful thinking there is a power that pulls us back to our wellbeing — just like gravity.

Wellbeing is our natural state of being — Our true nature. The state we always come back to as soon as we let go of our distractive thinking.

And why true healing happens in this state is because from this place there’s actually more space in our mind for our insights to come alive.

When our mind is calm and we are present, not only are we connected to that wellbeing we all already have within us, but also it’s much easier for us to gain insights that will help us with whatever we are up against in the moment.

And if we really want to wake up, we can realize how there’s nothing we are up against, except for our own thinking. When we believe that we know better than the universal Mind behind life.

Awakening to the world of wellbeing

When we have already the resources within us to experience perfect well-being when it comes to our mental wellbeing, what if it was the same with our physical disorders?

What if our physical disorders were not something bad that happened to us? What if there was a deeper intelligence in the design and these disorders of ours were something really good that can happen to us.

What if they were here to awaken us. Awaken us to stop doing, whatever we are doing. Stop hurting ourselves.

Hippocrates and Sigmund Freud already touched the idea that our Mind plays a bigger role we have realized when it comes to creating the disorders and symptoms we experience.

And a well-known psychiatrist Bill Pettit has said that chronic mental stress is not only behind all our psychological disease — but also most of our physical disorders as well.

He describes how our symptoms are these wonderful, wonderful alarms that go off when we do something that is not good for us. Like spend our days experiencing stress and feeling negative for unnecessary long periods of times.

What if these symptoms of ours were here to finally get our attention and show us the areas where we are experiencing, unconsciously or consciously, stress and tension in our lives.

The stress that we would be better without of. The stress that without we would be able to feel our own innate wellbeing, allow our body to heal itself and experience contentment when it comes to our lives.

Could a simple understanding and awareness about this lead us to live in the world and deeper feelings of wellbeing, health and love we can envision ourselves to live in.

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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