The clearer the mind we have the greater is our ability to enjoy life.

The clearer the mind we have the greater is our ability to enjoy life

The clearer the mind we have the greater is our ability to enjoy life.

Lately I’ve been listening to these older audios from Sydney Banks and I love the way he talks about the spiritual — You can really feel it.

Over these years after coming across this understanding I’ve come to recognize more and more how beneath the outer change that we are looking for, the change is always spiritual.

If nothing within us changes, our changes in the outer world cannot be permanent. This is why we need to first step into the spiritual and go within, to experience a real change.

The other day I woke up to this fact again when my partner casually mentioned how much he enjoyed this, simply being close to one another without having the need of doing anything.

And when I think back in time I can see how far we have both come.

My partner has always been this person who needs to get out of the house to enjoy life. Get together with people and go to new places. Yet, I’ve seen him to calm down a lot during our time together.

He has never really been interested in this understanding, yet I’ve seen him being affected by it. The more I have self shown up from this place of love and understanding, the more I’ve seen him to be affected by the calmness of my being. The spiritual energy behind life.

Since the day I first met him I’ve seen how he naturally has this wisdom within him, that he most of the times knows how to listen to. Yet the more my own understanding about life has deepened, the more I’ve seen his understanding to deepen as well.

Allowing our spiritual understanding about life to deepen and experiencing that calm and clear mind goes hand in hand together.

The more our understanding deepens, the less we get caught up in our own stressful, limiting thinking and the more peace of the mind we get to experience.

And the more peace of the mind we experience, the greater grows our ability to enjoy life.

We begin to find enjoyment in simply things and enjoy our life, relationships and work more.

We begin to find love and happiness being more present for us.

Any suffering that we can ever experience comes to existence through our own thinking. And the more caught up we get with this thinking, the more suffering we create. Showing up from this place can only ever allow us to see the imperfect side of the life.

For us to bring back that enjoyment and love we need to learn to look to a new, different direction.

We need to learn to look away from the kind of thinking that causes us suffering and begin to see more what is true.

See how suffering is created through our own personal thinking and how the clearer the mind we have, the more we are able to take real life in and the greater grows our ability to enjoy life.

Enjoy the look of our beloved one, the touch of another human being when they hold our hand and the warmness of our heart when we find that feeling of understanding and compassion even through those hard times.

When you begin to see more what is true your world changes because you change, and from there grows your ability to enjoy life.

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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