The beauty and wisdom our bodies and mind hold — Reflections on pregnancy.

The beauty and wisdom our bodies and minds hold — Reflections on pregnancy

The beauty and wisdom our bodies and mind hold — Reflections on pregnancy.

Are you able to recognize all the wisdom and beauty you already have within you?

Being pregnant has been a very interesting experience for me. Something so new and something I’ve never experienced before. Such a beautiful journey.

It has also allowed me to recognize more how different our experiences can be.

And how a little bit of understanding goes a long way.

For me it has been very clear that I have wanted to rest and take time for myself during this time. And my outside circumstances have naturally folded to support this.

I have understood the benefits of slowing down during this time, nurturing myself and my baby.

This has allowed me to deeply enjoy my pregnancy. Enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

On the other hand I have also seen other women in my situation having much harder time. Feeling exhausted and experiencing these undesirable symptoms, when they have tried to keep up with their old rhythms and pace.

I have also experienced some symptoms. However as soon I have let go of the stress that I have been experiencing those times and taken time for myself and rested, these symptoms have disappeared.

I feel like our bodies are so wise.

They are always here to guide us. To support us. The wisdom that comes from within us is so beautiful.

I have also noticed how our minds tend to naturally calm down during pregnancy.

In the beginning of my pregnancy I noticed how my memory stopped working the way it used to.

It simply became harder for me to recall things.

If I hadn’t known what I know today I could have easily seen this as something negative.

However what I had already learnt (after reading this beautiful book The Missing Peace in Childbirth by Deborah Binun) was that this all happens for our benefit.

Our brainwaves tend to naturally slow down during pregnancy, allowing us to become more present and naturally preparing us for birth.

Understanding this has allowed me to embrace my poor memory. It has allowed me to recognize the beauty in my new ability to be more deeply present in my everyday life.

This has not meant that I haven’t been able to recall things that have been important.

Everything that has been needed has still entered my mind — when needed. Yet it has allowed me to let go of everything else — The unnecessary.

I feel grateful for this new experience of mine. Being able to experience something completely new.

And yet knowing that experiencing new things is not limited for being pregnant.

It’s something that we may all experience in our everyday lives.

When we awaken to see the beauty in life and how no day is the same.

Awaken to recognize the beauty that is already there in our lives. The beauty our minds and bodies already hold.

It requires a certain amount of presence to be able to see this.

If we are busy in our heads thinking about the possible future outcomes and our past experiences, we miss it.

We miss the beauty in life.

We miss the beauty in ourselves and others.

And we miss the present moment. The only thing that actually exists.

Are you able to recognize all the beauty and wisdom you already have in your life? All the beauty and wisdom our bodies and minds hold?

It is already there.

It’s only for us to drop all the unnecessary that we need to do in order for us to recognize this.

You already have it within you, no matter where you are at life. No matter of the life situation you find yourself in.

And the only thing for you to be able to recognize this is to have a little bit of understanding and presence from your end.

You have so much beauty within you. That is there only waiting to be noticed and embraced.

By you.

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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