Soulmates — Do they exist? And how to find the connection we are ultimately looking for. Click through to read the post. | Finding love | Relationship advice | Spiritual guidance | Three Principles |

Soulmates — Do they exist? And how to find the connection you are ultimately looking for

Soulmates — Do they exist? And how to find the connection we are ultimately looking for. Click through to read the post. | Finding love | Relationship advice | Spiritual guidance | Three Principles |

When I began this beautiful journey to discover more of the true nature of life, I also learned about the interesting idea of soulmates. This idea, that there was another person who was there to complete me. For being always in a search for true love, I found this idea fascinating and innocently began my search of that other half.

However, I didn’t see that this idea of needing another person to complete me was stopping me from finding what I was truly looking for, and finding the connection I ultimately wanted to experience.

In my search of an soulmate, I began to have these ideas how the love that I was looking for should look like. I didn’t see that the more caught up I got with my ideas, the less fulfilled I began to feel when it came to my relationships.

If the other person didn’t meet my expectations I considered myself being with a wrong person. Only after I began to learn about the connection my thoughts and feelings had, my relationships began to change. The final hit came when I read The Relationship Handbook and the author George Pransky mentioned how you can find the happiness and love you are looking for with any other person.

First, I felt somewhat devastated when my ideas and dreams were crushed, but at the same time I could feel the truth behind those words. That was the time when I began to see where my happiness and love really came from — And that changed everything for me.

We are already complete

The love and happiness we look for we already have within us. There’s no other person that complete us in a sense, that we are not already whole.

We are already perfect, and we are whole and complete. We don’t need another person, but the source for what we are looking for is already within us. Looking for another person to bring us something more — anything really — is a waste of time, and giving our own power away.

If we look for another person to complete us we are looking to the wrong direction and we will never find what we are looking for, because we are caught up in an illusion. The key is to look to a completely different direction — look within — That’s where we will find what we are ultimately looking for.

See that you are already whole and complete, and you will find the connection you are looking for — With yourself and another person.

Where does the feeling of connection come from

When we begin to see that we are already whole, it becomes more clear for us where the connection we look for comes from.

The connection we desire has nothing to do with the other person, and everything to do with our own ability to be present. It’s scientifically proven that we are all already connected. What stops us from experiencing this connection, is when we get caught up in our thinking and stop being present with other people.

When I was looking for my soulmate and that perfect love, I was not being present with the people I came in contact with. I was living in my head constantly evaluating if the other person met the ideas of an ideal partner I had in my head.

When my understanding deepened and I began to see the insanity I was caught up in, my awareness allowed me to fall back to the present moment. I became more present with other people and began to feel a whole new kind of connection —The kind of connection I didn’t even know existed.

When we become more present and our mind clears, we become able to feel the connection that already exists between us all.

Finding the love that we ultimately look for

Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror. — Byron Katie

What we look for we already have within us — Everyone of us.

Having a deeper understanding and seeing that we are already whole and complete allows us to see also the true source of love and happiness — We already have the love within us.

When I began to see how this is true and found that deeper connection I was looking for, I found my peace. I began to see how our happiness is not dependent on one specific person and how they cannot give us anything we don’t already have. This allowed me to step more into the the stream of unconditional love. 

When we come from the place of unconditional love, other people can feel this. That’s why it didn’t take long anymore  for me to found the relationship I was looking for — And what I received was more than I ever expected. Stepping into the present moment and leaving our beliefs behind can allow our relationships and reality to become something that is beyond our dreams and desires.

To be totally transparent with you, I don’t know if there are soulmates or not — But I do know that you are already whole and perfect. And the more you begin to see that the person you are looking for is you, the more you can step to the stream of unconditional love too and find the connection you are ultimately looking for.

— Both with yourself and another person.


With love


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