Seeing more of the beauty in this beautiful mess called life | Spiritual awakening | 3 Principles | Mental health | Spiritual guidance | #lifelessons #spiritualawakening #spiritualwellbeing #mentalhealth

Seeing more of the beauty in this beautiful mess called life

Seeing more of the beauty in this beautiful mess called life. Spiritual guidance through the 3 Principles understanding. #spiritualawakening #3principles #changeyourlife #spiritualguidance

When I think about my life, some of the most beautiful gifts I have received have sprung out of some of the most challenging times I have experienced.

In my moments of anxiety I found new strength from within that allowed me to begin my path to look more to the direction what is more true.

In those moments of loneliness when I was looking for love outside of myself, I finally learned to look within and found something that was more than I could have ever expected.

There’s beauty everywhere and in every experience.

However depending to the state of mind we have it might be more or less visible to the eye.

Being able to see this and to see the beauty where it’s not as visible as in those moments when everything is going according to our expectations, is a blessing.

It’s a blessing that allows us to enjoy more this beautiful journey of life, opening us up to deeper paths of learning.

When we don’t get what we want

The other day I came across this quote in my social media feed:

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck” — Dalai Lama

It brought me back to the time when I was looking for love and looking for that special someone to share my life with.

There were many moments of frustration and tears. Where was the love that I was looking for? It definitely was not present in my past relationships.

Those moments of frustration ended up being one of the biggest blessings I have experienced. Because they guided me to look within.

They forced me to stop looking for that love in another person and another relationship and helped me to look within, into my own soul.

There I found an infinite well of love. I finally understood that I already had within me all the love that I was ever looking for.

After this insight it didn’t take long until the person I had been looking for also showed up into my life — To reflect the love that I was already experiencing within me.

Looking to the right direction

This doesn’t mean that we need to experience hard times in order to feel good and find something valuable in life.

— Not at all.

In fact it’s much easier to change and find contentment when we are already looking to the right direction.

However given to the fact that we are human beings and get caught up in our thinking and therefore experience hard times from time to time, we can only see what we see.

And sometimes we don’t know how to look to the right direction, until it becomes too hard to walk towards the wrong direction.

In those moments realize that what you are looking for is never in the direction of pain and distress. 

What we are all ultimately looking for is in 180 degrees different direction. It is where allowing becomes more important than pushing through. And where appreciation and seeing the beauty in the moment becomes more helpful, than focusing on the pain and distress we feel.

When understanding opens the path

Then how can we find the appreciation within us and see more of the beauty of life in those moments when it feels hard?

These qualities naturally arise when our understanding of life deepens.

Understanding that our outside circumstances don’t have the power to make us feel anything.

Understanding that our experience is always created from within and coming from our own perception of the situation.

Knowing that behind every negative feeling there is a negative thought and whenever we experience hard times we are caught up in our stressful thinking.

Recognizing that we are already ultimately fine.

Whenever we look to the content of our thinking we get deeper into the feelings of our despair and distress. And on the other hand, whenever we look to that formless energy that is there behind our experience, we experience more freedom and fulfillment.

We open ourselves up to seeing the beauty in ever experience and open the path for deeper learning. We begin to see through the illusion of our own thinking and see what is more true.

Recognizing that we are already fine

When our understanding of life deepens and we begin to see what is more true our experience changes.

Nothing outside of us needs to change, and yet we’ll have a new experience.

We’ll find peace in the moment and recognize that we are all ultimately fine.

We can see how the only thing that can ever hurt us and make us feel bad is a stressful thought. And we begin to recognize our own resourcefulness.

We begin to see that when we let go of our stressful thinking the answers appear.

This space welcomes new perspective and insights into our lives. Insights that will guide us and give us all the right answers, at the exact right timing, no matter what we are up against in our minds.

The beauty of life is that when our understanding deepens we become aware of the choice we have.

The choice to walk deeper into feelings of despair, or to turn around already in the first meters and look to the opposite direction, where the answers appear and come to us in the exact right timing.

Seeing the beauty in life

No matter of our experience it is all beautiful. It is all coming from the same source, the formless energy behind life taking a form.

Depending on the direction we look at we can walk deeper into the despair. Or we can appreciate and find the beauty already in everything that happens to us and take that shortcut to the deeper feelings of wellbeing and deeper paths of learning.

It’s ok to get caught up in our thinking — we all do that from time to time. But staying in the pain of our own creation for longer periods of time is unnecessary. And even if we do, at some point our own consciousness will wake us up.

There’s no right or wrong — and we are all already ultimately fine, just where we are at life.

Looking to the direction where our experience is coming from instead of to the content of our thinking will allow us to more easily recognize how that is true, and see the beauty and blessing no matter where we are.

It’ll allow us to enjoy the ride of life more and learn more through enjoyment and appreciation.

It’ll allow us to become more aware of the connection that is there with all the things, instead of experience the illusion of separation.

So that in those moments when we do get caught up in our thinking, and experience the messiness of our creation through thought, we are able to wake up more easily to the bliss and beauty of life again.

And to see more of the beauty in our own beautiful mess of life.



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