How to recognize your self-worth and embrace more who you truly are. Click through to read the post. | Self-love | Relationship advice | Find love | Spiritual guidance | Three Principles |

How to recognize your self-worth and embrace more who you truly are

How to recognize your self-worth and embrace more who you truly are. Click through to read the post. | Self-love | Relationship advice | Find love | Spiritual guidance | Three Principles |
When I was younger I used to think many times that I didn’t fit in. I was always a couple of steps ahead of my time. When I got interested in spirituality and started a regular yoga and meditation practice, none of my friends were interested in these kind of things.

There were times when I wanted to feel more confident, and be more like others. I was more interested in deep conversations than being in the center of everyone’s eyes. This made me sometimes feel like I was not good enough — Like I should have been something else than what I was.

When I learned to see that I was not my insecure thinking and began to pay less attention to myself and live more, I started to embrace more who I was. Some of those weaknesses I used to think that I had, I became to see as my strengths. When earlier I may have been trying to work on feeling more self-loving, now I simply allowed the natural self-love to take its place.

You are beautiful in the exact way as you are. Those things that make you feel different are some of the most beautiful sides of yourself, when you learn to see them with new eyes — They make you unique.

There’s this energy that wants be be expressed though you. When you begin to see through your limiting thinking and engage more with life, instead of thinking about yourself so much, you’ll begin to recognize your own self-worth — And that’s when embracing who you are becomes effortless.

Seeing through your insecure thinking

“I’m not confident enough”

“I should be more social and outgoing”

“I should be more confident and self-loving”

These were some of the thoughts that used to ran through my head. When I learned to see that these were nothing more than my insecure thinking and how they didn’t hold any truth in them, I stopped placing my self-worth on these thoughts.

It’s normal that we all feel not-good enough and insecure sometimes. That is only a sign of that we think that we are not good enough.

When you begin to see that those thoughts ran through your head only when you are caught up in your thinking, you’ll stop taking them so seriously.

Whenever we are caught up in our thinking we are not experiencing the reality as it is, but we are experiencing our own limiting thinking. When you begin to see that those limiting thoughts don’t hold any truth, and as soon as your thinking calms down you’ll see yourself with new eyes, you’ll begin to see that you don’t have to care about those insecure thoughts so much.

The moment your mind calms down you begin to see more how things really are.

Calm mind — An ultimate solution for self-worth issues

When you have a calm and clear mind you automatically see more who you truly are. Your insecure thoughts are not clouding your thinking and you can see more of your own self-worth.

A person who has a calm mind naturally knows their own self-worth and embraces who they are.

This however doesn’t mean that you need to work on always having a calm mind — No, but little goes a long way and just recognizing that the only time we lack self-worth is when we are caught up in our thinking is enough.

This helps us to wake up and come back to the reality. We can stop engaging with those limiting thoughts of ours, and that’s when we’ll begin to experience them less. Our mind naturally starts to calm down and we fall into the feeling of appreciation, that we naturally have for ourselves when we become more present.

Thinking less about yourself and living more

When I stopped engaging with my insecure thoughts and think less about myself not only did I began to enjoy my life more, but I also began to see myself with new eyes.

That’s when I began to hear people telling me how they enjoyed the calm and quiet side of me and how they felt whole in my presence. Those parts of me that I had previously tried to change, other people now really appreciated — However I couldn’t see that before I had a deeper understanding of how I was already whole and complete.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our thinking when we begin to think about ourselves — How we should be something else than what we are.

However when we stop doing this and have less ourselves in our minds we begin to enjoy life more — We naturally begin to feel more fulfilled. Being present, enjoying and engaging with life allows us to naturally recognize our own self-wort because we see things more as they are.

We begin to see more of the beauty that is within us all.

The unique you is beautiful

There’s this energy behind life that wants to be expressed through you in a unique way. If we try to be something that we are not we stop this energy flowing naturally through us.

Allowing you to be who you are and expressing yourself from that place makes you feel fulfilled. There’s so much joy that finds its way to the surface when you begin to do this — You’ll simply begin to feel good, complete and fulfilled. You’ll begin to feel more connected to others and enjoy your life more and other people will begin to see more of the beauty you have within you too — The beauty that you are.

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than a person who feels at home within themselves, who is present and enjoys life.

You are already whole and complete and the only thing you need is to become more aware how this is true. The more you’ll stop engaging with those limiting thoughts of yours, and recognize them for what they are — thoughts — the more you’ll begin to see how this is true.

Thank you for being here and for being the beautiful soul who you are. If you have any thoughts or insights you want to share, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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