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Problems, do they exist? And the beauty of our mind when it comes to finding solutions


Problems do they exist — And the beauty of our mind when it comes to finding solutions. Spiritual guidance through the 3 Principles understanding for spiritual awakening, emotional wellbeing and happiness. #problems #challenges #mentalwellbeing #spiritualguidance

Last week I was having my last one-on-one call in the mastermind I’ve been participating with the lovely Rohini Ross and Barbara Patterson.

In our call together I shared how I feel like I don’t really have any problems anymore. I know that it’s only matter of having my grounding, following my inspiration and going forward so that exactly what needs to be unfolded for me can unfold in it’s own timing.

This is something I have been knowing already, but how wonderful was it to have that deep feeling for it.

My experience inspired me to share what I’ve come to see about the true nature of our problems. We can have a state of mind where we create an illusionary idea of a problem, but as soon as our thinking shifts and settles down we do find the peace of mind in the moment and our problems — In my experience, they just seem to disappear.

The state of mind where problems exist

Couple of years ago I stumbled upon this quote from Albert Einstein:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

When first I may not have realized the true meaning of those words, today I can see where he was pointing us to.

Our state of mind is constantly changing. Our level of understanding about life we have is constantly moving on a scale up and down.

This means that the world doesn’t look the same for us every moment.

When our level of consciousness is low and we experience our negative thinking, the world looks different to us compared to those times when our level of understanding is higher. We see the world according to our thinking in the moment and our stressful thinking creates us a world of limitation.

From this state of mind our problems look very real to us.

However, if we pay attention we can realize that even our experience of a one specific problem changes depending on our moods. And where Albert Einstein was pointing us to was that whenever we see a problem we are not in the right state of mind to solve it.

Problem oriented vs solution oriented state of mind

Depending on the level of our thinking we always see either problems or solutions.

Whenever our understanding of life is low and we experience negative thinking our view of life is limited, and we do see problems. On the other hand, whenever our level of understanding raises and the world looks more neutral and positive to us we see life in more perspective.

We tend to see solutions and recognize opportunities.

It’s not that those solutions and opportunities didn’t exist before, but we were just not able to see them from the noise of our thinking.

From our problem oriented state of mind it’s really hard for us to see solutions, because of the level of thinking we have in the moment. When on the other hand we let go of our problems and our thinking settles down, we become more lighthearted and begin to see solutions instead of problems.

When our mind calms down and our level of awareness goes up not only do we become more solution oriented but also, we begin to recognize how our level of happiness doesn’t depend on whether we are able to solve a specific problem, or not.

The true source of our happiness

Whenever we experience a problem we place our happiness on something outside of ourselves.

It looks like we could somehow feel better if we had our problem solved. However this is never the case. If we think like that we don’t recognize where our experience and happiness really comes from.

Happiness always comes from within, and it’s not dependent on our outside circumstances. It’s impossible for something outside of us to affect our level of happiness. And from the core of our being, we all know this already.

Happiness is our natural state of being, something that is always there. We can never lose it, but only become unaware of it. 

Because the nature of our experience is that we experience our thinking, whenever our level of understanding goes down we experience our stressful thoughts instead of the happiness that is underneath that thinking. On the other hand, whenever our thinking settles down and our level of understanding goes up, we naturally experience the happiness that is already there. — The happiness that comes from within.

Sometimes it may look like our level of happiness is tied into something outside of us. It may look like as soon as we overcome the challenge we have been experiencing we could be happy. However we can soon recognize how that kind of happiness is never lasting.

We experience happiness when we let go of our thinking about our challenges and begin to focus on the positive — whether we overcome our problems or not.

This is something that we naturally do when we have a quiet mind.

The beauty of our Mind

In my life I have many times placed my happiness on something outside of myself.

I have been looking for love, only to find out how that love and happiness is already within me. — And by recognizing this it has become easy for me to find and have the relationship that has been more than I could have ever expected.

I have been placing my happiness on the success of my business, only to be reminded how my happiness doesn’t depend on anything out there. — And by remembering this, I’ve fallen into the feelings of gratefulness I’ve never experienced before for everything I already have in my life. This has allowed me to show up from the place of inspiration, instead of pushing forward when it comes to my work.

I have been placing my happiness on the other person to behave in a certain way, because in my low level of thinking that would have translated into an expression of love. Only to wake up again to the reality that my level of happiness or the level of love I experience has nothing to do with the other person. Which has allowed me to be a better partner and cultivate the feelings of unconditional love in my relationships.

Of course there are still moments when I experience problems, because the nature of our experience is that our level of understanding about life always goes up and down. But I don’t take those moments of insecurity so seriously anymore.

Because I do know from the essence of my being that those problems exist only in my low levels of state of mind.

They are not real.

And as soon as my thinking shifts I do have a whole new experience of the situation that previously looked like a problem.

Sometimes these problems completely disappear and there’s nothing for me to do. Other times I have a clarity of mind, and I know exactly what I want to do to go forward and create in life — whether it is to wait or do something. Only to be revealed a whole new path of opportunities and a world free from limitation.

Who would have known that we were designed with a mind that would provide us solutions as soon as we stopped thinking about our problems and allowed our mind to calm down.


With love,



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