Getting more into the natural flow of life.

Getting more into the natural flow of life

Getting more into the natural flow of life.

Lately I have been letting go more and more of my own personal ideas how my life should unfold.

I have been letting go of my dreams about what I have wanted for life. Dreams that haven’t had anymore that feeling of inspiration and freedom behind them.

And instead I have been getting more curios what it is that life has to offer for me.

What is that that has been naturally unfolding in front of my eyes.

And the feeling of freedom and contentment have followed.

This has been a natural unfolding of me getting more into the natural rhythm of life.

Of me been willing to look beyond my own ideas to the unknown.

Sometimes this has been still feeling scary.

It has been feeling scary to the part of me that over the years has been placing that feeling of security into planning on things.

Planning on my future so that I’ll know how to be prepared.

Planning on my future so that I can feel safe.

This has been my ego.

However lately I have been called to face these false beliefs. Face these beliefs and recognize how the only place where we can find that feeling of safety is when we go within.

For me this means getting into the natural flow of life.

Stopping the resistance and allowing life to show us what wants to be unfolding through us.

And there’s so much more freedom behind that all.

So much more freedom.

And love.

And happiness.

Sometimes in the beginning it might feel hard when we still don’t know what it is that is unfolding.

But when we learn to trust the unknown and recognize how that feeling of safety comes from within us, we cannot help but to be positively surprised.

Be positively surprised when we can look back and see what we have learned and overcome. Get glimpses of the beauty of what it is that is in front of us. And how much we do enjoy the present when we do this.

With love,

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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