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You are already whole and complete — Love is who you are

You are already whole and complete — Love is who you are

When I began my spiritual journey I can now see how I was living my life in a way that I thought was spiritual, instead of really taking it into my heart.

I meditated and loved yoga. I tried mantras and affirmations among other things. However there was this big misunderstanding that I was having, that didn’t allow me to see to the true logic behind life and to the true nature of ours.

I didn’t realize that true spirituality didn’t lie in any practice.

Instead I thought that these practices of mine could somehow make my life better — Make me better.

But what if there was nothing to improve, nothing to heal? What if we were never broken, not even when we thought that we were. What if there was nothing for us to do and yet, we could begin to live more in our hearts, feel more whole and enjoy life more fully.

What if we were only under a misunderstanding that we are not whole and complete, just as we are.

The logic behind our experience

What allowed me to drop out of my head and back into my heart, to see more of the true nature of ours and the beauty of who we are, was recognizing more of the true logic behind life.

Where our experience is coming from.

When we are used to believe that we can directly experience life, I began to see how that was not true. Most of us we recognize how our thinking affects the way we feel, but we fail to see the true power of thought.

Beginning to recognize how our experience was always created from within —  from my perception of life, instead of life itself — allowed me to awaken to see that there was logic behind my experience.

Whatever I was feeling was directly linked to my thinking. My thinking was creating my experience.

Illusion of not being good enough

When I began to see how my experience was always created from within, a lot of my thinking began to fall off. The more I stopped spending time in my head, the more I began to find myself in reality. I began to see how I, like everyone else, was already whole and complete.

The only thing that could ever make me feel incomplete was buying into my stressful thoughts about myself.

If I felt like not good enough, my feeling was not an indicator what was going on out there. It was an indicator of my current state of mind. I was experiencing thoughts of not being good enough, and these thoughts were 100% responsible for my experience.

I was the thinker, and not what my thinking was telling me.

Recognizing this allowed me to stop taking myself so seriously whenever I realized that I was caught up in my head. I knew that our thoughts could only have power over us, if we believed in them.

This way, without compromising my human experience, I could more easily fall back into to the beautiful feelings of our true nature — And experience more of who we truly are.

Our true nature

Who we truly are is something that is impossible to express through words.

It’s something that we can only have glimpses of through feeling. It’s there before thought. And the more I began to see to the logic behind our experience, the more I began to find myself in that feeling.

This logic allowed me to connect our psychological and spiritual nature.

I began to see how I didn’t need any of the spiritual practices that I thought that I needed before. I didn’t need to do yoga, meditation or anything else, because I was already whole — There was nothing to improve. And yet, I began to find myself more in these feelings of contentment

I recognized how that quiet, meditative state is the natural state of our being — And the only thing that could ever take us away from that, was we innocently taking our own stressful thoughts too seriously and getting caught up in our thinking.

And yet, as soon as we let go, we’d fall out of our thinking back to the present moment. We’d fall back to these beautiful feelings of love and understanding — That is the natural state of our being, and our true nature.

Love is who we are

When what is not true begins to fall off, we cannot help but to see more what is true.

When we begin to see that the only time when we have an experience of not being good enough, is when we are caught up in our thinking experiencing a stressful thought, we cannot help but to begin to see more who we truly are.

We begin to naturally recognize our own self-worth.

Our experience is created through our thinking, brought alive through our consciousness and what is powering that experience is the same energy that is all there is.

The only thing we need is a little bit of awareness — awareness where our experience is coming from — and that awareness will always help us. Whenever we wake up from the illusion where our experience is coming from back to the reality, that will always help us. It will open a whole new world for us.

The only thing we need is to look to the right direction, and the more we’ll see. Not to look to the content of our thinking, but to that what is creating our experience — Which is all energy behind life.

Love is our true nature, and love is who we are.

“No matter what we think about it, no matter the words we use, love is not what we think or what we say. Love is a spiritual force, the deep aliveness that is the essence of being before we think about it.”

—  Judith Sedgeman

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