Love is not a limited source but always available for everyone of us to experience.

Love is not a limited source, but always available for everyone of us to experience

Love is not a limited source but always available for everyone of us to experience.

When I look back in time love used to look so different to me, than what it looks like today.

Since I was a young girl love used to be my number one priority. Only at that time, and years later closer to my young adulthood, I had no idea what love truly was and how to bring it more into my life.

I always used to look for love outside of myself.

I used to believe that in order for me to experience the feeling and feel whole, I needed to find that special person who could make me feel more loved.

Maybe needless to say that it used to be very hard for me to find that special person.

The truth is that I had no ideas what love truly was, but because of my deep desire to find it, it doesn’t surprise me that I finally found my way. It was in my mid-twenties when I found what most people search for a life-time.

And despite (or maybe even because) of those early years of suffering when I was trying to look for love outside of myself, today I feel incredible grateful for what I’ve come to see.

I’ve come to see something that I call truth.

When I began to see beyond my own limiting beliefs about love, I found love.

I found out that instead of being a limited source, love was an internal state. And instead of being attached to my outside circumstances, love was something that I already had within me.

Through my own experience I recognized how everyone of us when we have a calm mind, we experience love. And how the only thing that can ever stop us from experiencing the feeling, is when we lose our openness to experience it and get caught up in our own personal thinking.

However love never leaves us.

It is there for us to experience and become aware of, as soon as we let go of our own personal ideas and get quiet.

And not only is love this unlimited source that we are already filled with and that is surrounding every single one of us, but also when we begin to see how this is true and begin to live in that feeling, our outside world also changes.

We begin to find the people around us to be more loving. Our closest ones turn out to be these loving and caring souls and we simply become surrounded by love.

It’s not that when we find that special person that we’ll find love — Or we may find it but because we don’t recognize the true source of it, it also becomes very easy for us to lose.

But it’s when we first find the feeling within us and start to recognize how we are already whole and complete, that it becomes easy for us to find that special person and enjoy our relationships and the journey.

Love is not something that is attached to our outside circumstances or to the other person, but it’s a spiritual state, energy, that can only ever be found from within.

And when we first find the feeling from within, enjoying these loving and effortless relationships also becomes easy.

And for this understanding and getting really clear about what love truly means, meaning getting a feel of it from within your own soul, is helpful.

See how it feels when you open yourself up for the feeling and let that deeper feeling within you to lead the way.

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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