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Are you letting your fear or love to lead?

Are you letting your fear or love to lead when it comes to your life and relationships. Spiritual guidance and relationship tips for happiness and love. #spiritualguidance #intuition #healthyrelationships #spiritualawakening

When I reflect back in time what I’ve learned this past year, one of the biggest things that comes up is following more my own inspiration — Allowing the love to take the lead.

In the beginning of the year I had this realization that we don’t have to work so hard to get where we want to go in life and to enjoy our lives. I even remember how after this realization I went outside for a run next to the ocean and a woman who was walking past told me not to work too hard, like confirming me that I was onto something.

In the beginning I had more of an intellectual understanding of this, but coming closer to the end of the year my understanding has deepened, and I can see now more clearly how this true and really experience it in my life.

When we begin to follow our own inner guidance, that wisdom we all have within unexpected things begin to happen. Allowing love to take the lead, can show us how there’s so much joy and pure pleasure when we come more from that place of love within us, both when it comes to our life and relationships.

Letting our inspiration, that love within to be the guide when expressing ourselves in the world and we can create the life we want to experience from a place of joy.

We don’t have to work too hard to get where we want to go

I see many of us thinking (and this is how I self used to think too) that we need to work hard to be able to enjoy life and get where we want to go — And yet reflecting back in time, all those wonderful things that have happened to me and that have led me where I stand today, have come out of pure inspiration instead of me actively making it happen.

Living in this beautiful country, next to turquoise, clear ocean has been a result of following my joy. Starting from always having this idea I’d love to visit this country one day, doing my studies abroad and not being ready to settle down in my home country, to traveling to the places I wanted to visit and deciding to spend a year in Australia — Just to realize that after four years I’m still here.

Finding the relationship I was looking for by having an understanding how I already had the love and happiness within me I was always looking for. After that I completely stopped caring whether I’d find that perfect relationship — And somehow this wonderful person with who I share my life today, just showing up into my life.

I didn’t work my way to get what I wanted and I didn’t set any goals. In fact the less attached I became of my goals and dreams and the more I simply began to follow my own inspiration, joy and love, the more effortlessly everything unfolded for me.

Yes action will be many times required, but there’s a difference between pushing through and following inspired action — Both in the process and the outcome.

Trusting the process and taking inspired action

Then how do we do this? How do we follow our hearts so that we can get the life and relationships we want to experience.

One of the biggest things for me has been deepening my understanding of how it all works. Yes, we can get forward by pushing hard and setting goals, but there’s a much more enjoyable and effective way too. A way when followed, somehow allows the whole universe to support us.

Understand that here and now is already good and that we don’t need to know the whole plan — In fact trying to figure it all out beforehand is something that many times keeps us in our heads and out of our hearts. No, I just need to do what makes sense to me in the moment.

What we need is always in the present moment. All we need is really to take the next step, follow our inspiration and do what brings us joy — Take inspired action, something that makes us feel alive rather than drains our souls.

The more I do this, the more I learn to recognize that feeling of inspiration and follow my heart. I learn to trust the process and see that when I follow that guidance from within and do what I feel called to do simply by taking the next step, what to do after will be revealed to me in the exact right timing.

Joy as a result of following our inner calling

Having a more deeper understanding of this has allowed me to trust that this is the way for me to go forward. I can simply follow those inner inclinations, even when it doesn’t make sense to me.

And when I do somehow everything that needs to be done will get done. It doesn’t all have to be fireworks, yet there will be more enjoyment present in my life.

I’ve begun to see that there’s so much joy in following those inner callings that come from our heart. Love has begun to be more present in my life and in everything I do. Those goals, dreams and ideas I have in my head are not the source of my happiness, but the joy is really in the present moment, doing what feels good to me and following my inspiration.

Following the love over fear

If this year has been all about allowing my understanding and trust of my own inner abilities and inspiration to deepen, I have a feeling that next year will be allowing this to show up more visible in my life.

It’s normal that we all feel the fear sometimes, but we don’t have to allow it to be the motivation for our actions. In those moments simply recognizing that we are caught up in a fearful thought will be helpful. When we recognize this our intelligent system can more easily bring us back to balance and back to the present moment where the love is always present.

Allowing that love to be your guide and a place where you come from in your life, and you’ll find unexpected things to happen. Let go of your dreams and desires and become more present and you’ll find those dreams to be fulfilled.

The joy is not in our goals, but here in the present moment allowing your soul to express itself in which ever way it wants to be expressed. Let the end of this year and the beginning of the next year to be a turning point for you in your life, when you begin to come more from your heart and let yourself to experience the joy that follows.

— The joy that will lead you to the life and relationships you want to have and experience.


With all my love





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