Learning to listen more to the guidance of our own intuition.

Learning to listen more to the guidance of our own intuition

Learning to listen more to the guidance of our own intuition.

When I think about intuition this quote comes to my mind:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” — Albert Einstein

Not only has Einstein been one of the greatest scientists out there, but he also recognized the power of our intuitive mind.

In today’s world when many of us we are used to rationalize the decisions we make, we have lost the touch with our intuition.

We often over-rationalize when it comes to decision making and forget that within the consciousness of every single one of us we have this gift that is far more powerful than what our personal mind is.

A gift that when we allow it to guide us, moves mountains for us and allows us to enjoy life in a whole new level.

Where our analytical mind fails

Our rational mind is a tool, that when used right can serve us on our journey and support us to make those achievements we want to make. However in today’s society we are used to give it far more power than what it was meant to handle.

When our analytical mind is great for helping us to handle our everyday life tasks and move forward with our plans, it’s not such a great tool when it comes to decision making and guidance.

When our personal mind contains everything that we have already learned in life, the intuitive mind allows us to go beyond that.

Our intuition always takes into account what is best for us and what is for the highest good for everyone. It gives us guidance that is tailored for our own specific needs.

It allows those happy coincidences come to our way and connects people, allowing the exact right person to show up in our life in the exactly right timing.

Where our analytical mind is a great tool for putting our plans into action with the help of the insights we have gained, our intuitive mind is the one we want to trust and listen.

Allowing the deeper knowing to guide us

There are many names that has been given to this same power : Our intuition, inner guidance, inner wisdom, our instinct, gut feeling, heart’s calling and common sense.

Following our intuition doesn’t mean that we are blindly guided by our emotions, instead of our intellect. No — But our intuition always includes our common sense. It’s a deeper feeling than what our ever-changing moods provide.

It’s a feeling that includes our inner knowing. When we simply know what to do and how to go forward in life.

By listening to our intuition we are always guided and taken care of, yet sometimes in ways that our analytical mind doesn’t understand.

How can we listen to the guidance from within

Then how can we learn to better listen to this inner guidance of ours.

Intuition has been said to be like a muscle — The more we use it, the stronger it grows.

Simply recognizing those times when we have been using our intuition and paying attention to it in the present moment will allow us to cultivate this gift.

Also the more quiet is our mind, the better we are able to hear our own inner wisdom. Whenever we are caught up in our heads it’s hard for us to hear anything from the noise of our thoughts.

But when our mind quiets down we are naturally guided by this force and we do what makes sense for us in the moment.

This is why when we don’t think too much, when we are being present, things often end up better than what we could have ever wished for.

The effortless unfolding of life

In my life I have many occasions when I have been using this gift and things have ended up better I could have even imagined.

In my later years, when I had very little thinking about finding lasting love, this was exactly when I run into the arms of my partner.

I also always had this idea of going to Australia and living next to the ocean, and then suddenly I found myself living in this beautiful country.

It’s not that I didn’t do anything to get where I am, but because I had very little thinking about these things, I naturally followed my intuition.

When in the past I have used this gift of the intuitive mind very unconsciously, in the last years using intuition has become a more conscious process of mine.

When in the moments of doubt and decision making, I have learned to get quiet and listen what comes to me from the quietness of my mind.

I have learned to get less and less attached to my own ideas about life, and learned to listen more to the guidance that comes from within.

And when I do this, not only have I began to recognize more of the power of the mind, allowing myself to be moved by a force bigger than me, but also I have found myself enjoying life in a whole new level.

Listening to the guidance of our intuition

Today, if I don’t know what to do I simply know that the best thing for me is to allow my mind to calm down and stop actively thinking about it.

When I do this I know that as soon as my mind calms down, I’ll feel better and know what to do. Whether it is the exact next step I need to take, forget what I was planning to create or wait for the right timing.

When we learn to listen to our intuition, not only do we learn to put our analytical minds for better use, but also we can many times find life unfolding in more effortless ways we thought was possible.

Not only does it become easier for us to go forward in life and achieve some of our dreams, but also we begin to find ourselves more and more present for life.

It’s in that place of present moment where we naturally listen to the guidance of our own soul and enjoy the journey of life in a whole new way.

Learning to use these gifts, both our analytical and intuitive minds, the way they were meant to be used and that is when the unexpected becomes our second nature.

What a gift it is to know that we are always been guided, whether we realize it or not — And that we can always align ourselves with this guidance, and that is when we’ll find the answers.

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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