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How to begin to live more in the feeling of possibilities when you live in the world of limitation

How to begin to live more in the feeling of possibilities when you live in the world of limitation. Spiritual guidance  through the 3 Principles understanding. #spiritualawakening #threeprinciples #spiritualguidance

This is what I’ve come to see and experience more lately. The only thing that can ever limit us is our own thinking.

If we are internally focusing on limitations, instead of seeing the world of possibilities that exists, then this is what we’ll experience. The more we look to the direction of our own limitation the more proof our mind will generate that limitation is something more than an illusion we have been caught up in.

But there’s also another direction to look at.

Instead of focusing on the limitation we have created innocently with our thinking, we can begin to put our focus on the direction of possibilities. And only then, we’ll begin to see the endless possibilities that exist on our way.

No matter of the challenges we are facing in life.

How our mind supports us

We are all equipped with an infinite amount of creativity. What we focus on, the more we will begin to see that. This is simply how our mind works.

When we have an insecure thought, like that we are not good enough to go after our dreams, if we take that thought too seriously, we’ll begin to find more evidence how that is true.

Our brain literally begins to search for memories that support that thought and paint future scenarios for that feeling of insecurity to grow.

On the other hand, if we are able to see the bigger picture and realize that no matter how convincing the thought of not being good enough is, we are only seen our own perception of the situation in the moment. We can begin to question our thinking.

This opens us up to a whole new reality where we can see possibilities, instead of limitation.

Our mind always helps us to see more what we are focusing on and shifting our focus from limitations to possibilities allows us to begin to see more how these possibilities do exist.

Creative beings who we are

What I’ve began to see is that we are much more creative than we realize.

We can use this creativity of ours to create scary pictures of the future, strengthening our feelings of insecurity — Or we can use our creativity to create the future that is beyond our dreams.

Having the gift of thought that we have allows us to navigate in this world of creativity.

When we put our focus on our insecure, negative thinking we create more insecurity and negativity in our lives for us to experience.

On the other hand when we put our focus on the positive thoughts, thoughts of inspiration we have, we open ourselves up to create a more positive now, and future that is beyond our imagination.

Listening to those thoughts of inspiration over our negative thinking allows us to begin to see what is possible, and navigate in this world of possibilities.

How to see more that everything is possible

One of my latest insights has been that we can see an empty calendar as a source of our insecurity or a whole new world of possibilities opening up for us. If we are able to stay in our wellbeing we can see this as an opportunity to create something fresh and allow something new to come into our lives.

When we overlook our insecurities we begin to see that from this place anything is possibly.

No matter if it comes to turning our businesses around, overcoming our relationship challenges or creating something totally new, we can never know what happens until we move forward. We can think that we do, but in the reality we don’t.

When we are able to meet the moment from an open state of mind, we are able to see the possibilities and potential that already exist in our world.

The world of limitation exists only in our minds and if we are too focused on taking ourselves seriously when we experience the limitation created by our thinking, we miss the infinite potential behind life.

Questioning those thoughts of limitation and being comfortable being in the unknown allows life to show us what’s possible — instead of us jumping into conclusions.

That’s when the unknown becomes our best ally.

Seeing the friendly side of the unknown

We can always see the unknown through our insecure thinking and experience the scary scenarios of our minds, or we can begin to see the unknown as our best ally.

This post came to existence when after listening to a beautiful conversation from a mastermind I’m currently doing with Rohini Ross and Barbara Patterson, I decided to close my eyes and sit in the feelings of potential and possibilities for a moment.

There was nothing that needed to be done and I wanted to see what could awaken and be created from these beautiful feelings of possibility within me.

From that place of quietness a sentence came to my mind how we can begin to see more that everything is possible. After having that thought I knew it was a beginning of my next post and I simply allowed the words of this post to pour through me.

Instead of making things happen, I allowed what wanted to be created come into existence from the place of unknown.

Coming more from this place is not only inspirational and enjoyable, but it also allows us to be aligned with the infinite potential behind life. It allows us to be open to the world of opportunities that didn’t even exist in our reality before.

Living in the world of possibilities

It doesn’t have to be anything life changing.

It can be those small decisions in our everyday life we begin to make from the place of inspiration instead of insecurity and fear. But when we do, and we begin to live more in the world of possibilities, we cannot help but to see our life changing.

The world of potential and possibilities is already here and depending on the quality of our thinking and our internal state of mind we are able to see it or not.

Simply opening ourselves to the possibility that it exists, and allowing ourselves to overlook our negative thinking and be carried away with the positive feelings that awaken, allows us to begin to see more how that is true and that world to become our reality.

A closed mind sees limitations, an open mind possibilities.

The possibilities are already here, we just need to have an open mind enough to be able to see them.


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