Going beyond beliefs, to that place of unconditional love within us. Spiritual guidance and relationship advice for healthy relationships and unconditional love. #unconfitionallove #relationshiptips #spiritualhealing #threeprinciples

Going beyond beliefs to that place of unconditional love within us

Going beyond beliefs, to that place of unconditional love within us. Spiritual guidance and relationship advice for healthy relationships through the 3 Principles understanding. #unconditionallove #relationshipadvice #spiritualawakening #threeprinciples

There’s this conference I would love to participate next year in London. However because of the timing of the conference I have not been sure whether I am able to make it or not.

Today I found out some of the speakers that are going to be present there and when telling to my partner about this, he told me that I have to go.

He’s answer surprised me.

While I know that he’s not particularly interested about the conference he recognizes how much it means to me. Even if it means that we would need to spend a couple of months apart because of the inconvenience of the other plans that have been made, I can count on his support.

This just fills up my heart. There’s so much kindness and generosity present.

How did I end up in a relationship where there’s so much unconditional love. Recognizing what is important for the other person and supporting them to fill up their dreams. Even when it doesn’t make sense for us and the sacrifices we sometimes need to make and when things don’t always go like planned.

What I’ve found out is that going beyond our conceptual thinking, beliefs and ideas, to that place of unconditional love within us is the answer, no matter of the question.

It is that what we are really looking for when it comes to our relationships.

The only love that there is

When I get what I want when it comes to my relationship, I don’t always feel satisfied. However whenever I come from that place of unconditional love within me — no matter of the outcome — I always feel fulfilled.

Many of us we recognize how good idea unconditional love is, but we fail to see the true nature of it.

I remember talking about love with my partner a couple years ago and how he mentioned that there’s so many different kinds of love.

But what I’ve come to see is something different.

If it’s not unconditional it’s not love. It’s something else.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t love the other person if we have our limits, needs and expectations. However it does mean that in those moments when we are caught up in these ideas of ours, we are not present for love.

Love is always unconditional. There’s no other option.

Coming from the place of love

When we recognize unconditional love as a good idea, we might find ourselves asking how can we come more from this place of love when it comes to our relationships.

There’s nothing we can really do to do this. Because it is the less we do that will allow ourselves to come more from this place of love.

The less caught up we get in our heads when it comes to our ideas about love and the other person. The less thinking we have about them, and the more present we are with them.

When we let go of our ideas, concepts and beliefs what does a good relationship mean to us, we begin to self come more from this place of love.

We begin to see through our limiting thinking and recognize the true nature of the other person more. Which is love.

The effortless nature of it

In my experience, the more my understanding about life has deepened the more I’ve began to show up from this place of unconditional love. And the more I’ve began to show up from this place the more I’ve found my partner to come from this place of love within him too.

When I think back in time it surprises me how effortlessly this has all unfolded.

No effort has been required in the process.

For sure I have seen effort, but that effort has not led me anywhere.

But the more I’ve began to see through the transitionary nature of our thinking, the more I have fallen into this place of love within me.

This place of love that recognizes the place of love in the other person. Recognizes that there is a connection and experiences this connection.

Understanding that my experience doesn’t come from the other person, but it’s always coming from within me through the power of Thought.

And I’ve been fallen out of my head, into the present moment and into my heart and into the feeling of love.

That what fulfills us

When we see that our experience is not coming from the other person, we can recognize that they are not there to fulfill us.

They are not there to make us feel loved, or make us feel good. There’s nothing I cannot experience without the other person.

We recognize that all the love we look for is always, always coming from within us. What fulfills us when it comes to our relationships is the love we are able to experience that comes from within.

When we see this we become free to accept ourselves and the other person more as they are.

We begin to naturally see through their so called faults and frailties to that space within them which is love.

The place we come from

The place where we come from within us matters. It makes all the difference.

When I think negative my experience is negative and when I fall out of my thinking I experience love and happiness, no matter how the other person or my relationship is.

Recognizing this and recognizing where the feeling of love really comes from has allowed me begin to show up more from this place of unconditional love when it comes to my relationships and life.

Coming more from this place of love on the other hand has allowed me to experience fulfillment and happiness far beyond my expectations.

It has allowed me to experience my relationship far beyond my expectations. And it keeps on surprising me.

From this state the surprising nature of the universe becomes natural and we do get surprised by life.

By it’s beauty, the beauty of others and the beauty of life.

And this space is for everyone of us to experience, when we allow ourselves to go beyond our conceptual thinking.

And fall into the feeling of unconditional love.




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