How to forgive another person when you feel hurt

How to forgive another person when you feel hurt. Guidance for healthy relationships and unconditional love. #threeprinciples #relationshipadvice #forgiveness #relationshipproblems

Sometimes we find it hard to forgive another person. We might think that we feel the way we do because of what they have said or done — That’s not true.

Our feeling of hurt always comes from our own way of seeing the situation. Learning to see how you are always doing the best you can, how anger clouds our thinking and that it’s never personal can allow you to forgive the other person more effortlessly, when you feel hurt.

Read my post for the Chopra Center How to forgive others when we feel hurt so that you can stop holding onto your negative emotions and move on without the weight of your past.

Everything resolves, one way or another, with the understanding that comes when your mind calms down.


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