Everything will work out for your highest good — Trusting your inner knowing.

Everything will work out for your highest good — Trusting your inner knowing

Everything will work out for your highest good — Trusting your inner knowing.

So this is what happened to me the other day.

In the morning when I woke up I was caught up in my thinking. 

I was caught up in my fearful thinking and even if deep down I knew that first of all it was pointless to focus on my fears, and secondly my fears were never telling me anything about the reality, I found it hard to let go.

Even if I knew that I didn’t really have any reason to worry, I was consumed by my thinking.

And then the most surprising thing happened.

I received some news that if I hadn’t had the understanding that I have today, I would have had been filled with feelings of worry and uncertainty.

However instead of finding myself worried I experienced a deep sense of peace.

They say that sometimes you simply know that everything will work out. You simply know that you’ll be blessed with something that you desire without being able to intellectually explain it.

This is what happened to me 6 years ago. When my understanding about the true source of our experience deepened when it came to my relationships, I completely stopped looking for love.

I found the true source of love within and began to live in this feeling of love. From that moment I simply knew that I would be blessed with the kind of relationship that I had been looking for, and more.

It’s not maybe surprising that three months after the person who I had been looking for showed up into my life.

We are all blessed with this inner knowing and our emotions work as a guiding system for us. The more we listen to those good feelings that come from within us, the more in contact we are with this inner guidance of ours that we’re all blessed with.

We can either live in the reality, or live in our own reaction to that what we think is the reality.

Whenever we experience worry, fear, anxiety, anger or any other negative feelings we are in a reaction mode. We are not experiencing the reality as it is, but we are experiencing our own reaction to that what we think that is.

And on the other hand when we find ourselves experiencing peace, love and pure joy we are closer to experiencing the world as it truly is.

The more we begin to trust the process, trust the guidance that we have within and live in the reality, meaning live in our good feelings, the more we begin to be in contact with our own inner knowing.

The more we’ll begin to see and recognize how everything will always work for our benefit, and that we’ll be always guided and taken care of.

The more we’ll begin to connect with that inner source of ours and simply know that everything will work out for our highest good now and forever more.

It’s not only that everything will magically change for us when our understanding deepens. But we’ll awaken to see how everything is already working for us and we’ll experience the magic of it.

And nothing in the world can shake that inner certainty when we awaken to see how this is true.

There might be moments when we lose sight of it, but we’ll always eventually return back to the present moment to recognize how this is true again.

Simply know that it’s yours, and it’ll be.

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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