Every year my ability to love grows.

Every year my ability to love grows

Every year my ability to love grows.

This is my experience. Every year my ability to love grows.

Since coming across this understanding, I’ve been blessed with to experience love that can only ever deepen. Experience real love.

Through the struggle in my younger years I found what I had been looking for. Through my struggle in finding real love, I found love that was more than I could have ever expected.

I didn’t find it the way or in that place where I was expecting to find it — No. But I found it from that place where we all already have access to — From within.

The more I was trying to find love in another person, in that relationship that would last for a lifetime, the further away I slipped from the feeling. Because love can never be found outside of ourselves.

Love is always something that is created from within, something that comes to alive when we get out of our heads and slip into the present moment.

When we look into the eyes of the other person and feel the love, the love is not coming from them, but from our own ability to fall out of our heads to the beauty of the present moment.

When we hold hands with another human being, the warm feelings that grow inside of us are not coming from our relationship, but they are awakened from within when we fall out of our own personal thinking.

When we hug the other person and stop for a moment, are present and feel the love, what we are actually in contact with is our own true nature.

Every year my ability to love grows.

The more my understanding deepens what is creating our experience and what it is that is there behind our experience, the more love I feel.

The less I get caught up in my thinking and the thoughts that separate us from love. And the more I slip into the beauty of the present moment where real love exists.

Love doesn’t have any barriers or limitations, but it’s here for everyone of us to experience in this very moment.

It’s not dependent on our relationship status, whether we are in a relationship or not, but it’s a spiritual energy that is there behind every experience of ours. And the only thing we need is to awaken to see this.

Awaken to see how as soon as we let go of our thinking, as soon as we let go of our problems and as soon as we fall out of our heads and become present, we experience love.

The more our understanding about this deepens, the more feel we get of this in our lives, the more we begin to see how this is true. And the more loving becomes our experience.

Love has nothing to do with the other person and it has everything to do with them because we’re all the same energy.

However our experience of love is never limited to the other person. Yet the more we awaken to see how love is already there within us the more loving relationships we begin to experience.

Because we find the true source of love.

Every year my ability to love grows. Every year my ability to experience love grows, regardless of my outside circumstances.

The more my understanding deepens, the less time I spend in my head and the more present I tend to become when it comes to my life and my relationships. And therefore also the more love I experience.

What a wonderful thing it is awaken to recognize how life can only get better and our love only deepen, when we simply learn to look to the right direction.

Looking away from our problems and our personal thinking and looking more to the direction of love and to that what we already have within us.

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good.

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