Do we really need self improvement to do well in life?

Do we really need self improvement to do well in life? I hear many people talking about self development and personal growth today. We think that in order for us to be successful we need to improve and become better versions of ourselves — However when we do this we miss the beauty that is already there within us. Click through to read the post.


I have seen personal development become more and more popular over the last years. We go to self improvement seminars, read self help books and try to find ourselves through meditation. We want to become the best versions of ourselves so that we can do better in life.

But when we do all this we don’t recognize that we already have in us everything we need for success in today’s world. We don’t see that the idea of improving ourselves is something that keeps us from thriving in life more effortlessly.

All of the trying and thinking we do is taking us further away from our own power. It is preventing us from seeing our own beauty and strenghtens the idea that we are not good enough just as we are.

We are all already ultimately fine. We are more than enough. We are more than we have been able to see and as worthy and whole we can ever become. In the essence of our being we are already perfect.

What stops us from seeing this, in ourselves and on the outside world, is not recognizing that we don’t do well in life when we get caught up in our thinking. When we get stressed and become busy in our minds our perspective narrows down and we begin to see everything in more negative light. If we act from this place we often end up accepting beliefs that don’t serve us and making choices that are not good for us or others.

Any thought like “I am not good enough” or “I need to be something more in order to thrive” we might accept without questioning them. We begin to think that we need tools and techniques to overcome our fears, have more confidence and become more productive and we begin to look these qualities outside of ourselves. We don’t see that we are looking for something that we already have.

We are already confident and productive and have the right mindset for success. We have these qualities naturally in us. Getting caught up in our negative thinking keeps us from the awareness of experiencing this.

Some of us are so used to live in a state of stress that we forget those moments of clarity when we thrive in life without effort. Some of us overlook those moments because we have somehow formed a belief that our negative thinking is more accurate than our positive thinking — When in reality it’s the opposite. We are so used to listen to our stressful thoughts, instead of listening to the voice of wisdom we all have within.

When we recognize that our need for self improvement comes from a moment of unclarity, our mind begins to calm down. We begin to see everything in perspective again. From this place we naturally thrive in life.

We begin to show up as those beautiful and wise people who we are. When we have a mind free of stressful thinking we are naturally more confident and productive. We are guided by our own inspiration, make choices that serve us and get along with others — In general we do better in life.

Of course there might still be new skills we want to learn like basic marketing skills, learn a foreign language or become better writers, but at the essence of our being we are already enough. We have all the tools we need to thrive in life.

We don’t need any self improvement, we just need to be able to recognize how clear is our thinking in the moment. The moment we let go of our stressful thoughts life becomes easier.

Thinking that we need self improvement is something that we believe only when we don’t see clearly in the moment. Recognizing this and how from the essence of our being we are already whole allows us to see how we have already everything in us to succeed in life.

Thank you for being the beautiful person who you are.


With Love,



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