Can we be broken or are we the infinite well of wellbeing within us | Spiritual guidance | Three Principles | Self-love | Self-worth |

Can we be broken? — Or do we have an infinite well of wellbeing within us

Can we be broken or do we have an infinite well of wellbeing within us | Spiritual guidance | Three Principles | Self-love | Self-worth |

I was having one of those days.

I woke up late and thought I’d have an easy morning. When I finally got up, I felt uninspired with life. Despite all of that I got some work done, and I even did it well, but somehow it didn’t feel like enough.

I felt the frustration that I needed to do more, and be more. An old me would have seen this as a problem, as something to work at.

— But the wiser, and more understanding and loving part of me recognized that I was only caught up in my thinking.

We have an infinite well of wellbeing within

This post came into existence when I gave up trying and left to the beach.

There walking on the beach the following thought came to my mind and an instant feeling of wellbeing and peace surrounded me:

Yes, we can get caught up in our thinking and experience moments of despair. But underneath all of that lies a part of us that cannot be broken, that cannot be touched.

This part of us that can never be broken is an infinite well of wellbeing.

Yes, the surface can be stirred and we do experience the feelings that follow our stressful thinking, but underneath all of that we are always more than well.

The impossibility of being broken

I continued walking on the beach and I saw a man with his child where the shore ends and the ocean begins. The child was playing where the waves were small and the dad was making sure that the child was safe.

I saw their joy and love.

A small child doesn’t think that they are broken. They have their moods and then they get over it and continue enjoying the little joys of life and the happiness that comes from within.

I felt something touching my leg and there was a dog behind me that continued it’s way with a woman it was walking with.

Dogs don’t worry that something is wrong in them, they are some of the happiest creatures I know and a great example of enjoying life as it is.

We simply cannot be broken, it’s impossible.

What ever we think, we will feel

We are divine beings having an experience of life created by our own thinking. Yes, we can think that we are broken and experience the feelings that follow this thinking, but we can never really be broken.

As soon as our thinking settles and our mind calms down we can see this to be true.

A person who has a peace of mind never believes that they are broken. And it’s not that they have a peace of mind because they are not broken.


— But as soon as we let go of our thinking we can see what is more true.

We can see that we are whole and complete and perfectly deserving every good thing that comes on our way. From the essence of our being we are the infinite well of wellbeing experiencing and creating life through our thinking. And as soon as our thinking settles down we can experience this part of us.

Whatever we create and think we will feel, but from within we are always untouchable.

The infinite well of wellbeing who you are

As I started to walk back home from the beach, the sounds of waves slowly disappearing on the background my heart was lighter again and I felt connected to that part within me.

I felt connected to the infinite well of wellbeing that we all have within us — That we all are.

If you knew who and what you are from the essence of your being, you would never even consider the possibility of being broken.


With love,





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